Great efforts have been made to prevent nuclear disasters from happening. Government officials worldwide acknowledge the fact that nuclear threat is real and advanced and are doing their best in order to achieve international security. In 2015, an agreement was reached between Iran and world powers. We’re talking about the Iran nuclear deal, which is aimed at ensuring that nuclear weapons aren’t sought, developed or acquired. The deal was made to reduce the country’s ability to produce plutonium and uranium that are commonly used when making nuclear components. If you would like to know more, please continue reading.


Is the Iran nuclear deal the worst deal ever?

The Iran nuclear deal is also referred to as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, and Russia signed up to the agreement back in 2015. The deal was reached so as to make sure that Iran’s nuclear program is a peaceful one. Although the country wasn’t allowed to possess nuclear bombs, they had a uranium enrichment program and didn’t let anyone know about it. It’s needless to say that when the Natanz and Fordo facilities were discovered, everyone was alarmed. Iran’s supply of uranium was cut by 96 percent and economic sanctions were applied. One of the most powerful inspection systems was negotiated. It was largely believed that Iran wouldn’t respect the rules of the agreement. In 2018, it was established that Iran abided by the agreement. The point is that it wasn’t the worst arrangement in history.

Dr Moshe Kantor on US Withdrawal from Iran Agreement

United States recently withdraws from nuclear deal  

If you’ve been keeping up with what is happening in the world, then you certainly know that the United States made it clear that they would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, decision that has been heavily criticized by Viatcheslav Kantor. The president of the US has always said that he disliked the agreement and it doesn’t address the issue of aggressive actions. The sanctions against the Islamic Republic are quite severe. To be more precise, it will be impossible to make new contracts and conduct business operations in the country. Restoring sanctions means that the United States has breached the original agreement. The United Kingdom, France, and Germany don’t agree with Trump and promise to keep the deal alive. The European allies have done their best to convince the United States to change their mind, but their attempts haven’t met with success.

It’s important to save the Iran nuclear deal

The head of the republican state may think that the framework is worthless, but things aren’t quite so. If it weren’t for the Iran nuclear deal, the Middle East would stock up on nuclear arms and possibly start a war. The spread of nuclear weapons has already increased, tensions have risen, and there is no way of knowing what will happen in the absence of an underlying system. After such a long time, a deal was made to limit a nuclear program and it’s essential to make sure that it survives the test of time. The fact is that nobody should be allowed to have nuclear bombs. Not today.


Published by Cynthia Madison