Cong is a small town, surrounded by water. But for its small size, there is a lot to explore!


For lovers of the movie ‘The Quiet Man’ there are some goodies – first of all a statue showing the two main characters, then the outside of a pub featured in the movie, a museum, and filming grounds.

I personally knew nothing about the movie, but the statue sure is nice.


If you need a snack, head over to the ‘Hungry Monk Café’. A local sent us there, telling us of their self-made cakes.

When we arrived it was really full, but we still quickly found a seat. The staff was really friendly, the drinks good, and my mother loved the cakes! The next time we went there I tried the soup which was really tasty as well.

We returned a couple of times and always had a good time. It’s a lovely small café and the food is good!



If you want more than just a snack, there are quite some options for dinner. We chose the ‘Pat Cohan’s Bar’ – From the outside it looks nice and there’s a plate indicating that it’s the Quiet Man Bar (although we were told that only the outside was used, the inside of the Bar scene had been filmed in a studio). I have to admit I know nothing about the Quiet Man, not the movie, nor the actors. As such this sure wasn’t a reason for me to be amazed when we stepped in – but the overall decoration was!

The Bar looks lovely on the inside. Details in every corner, awesomely decorated tables. As if this wasn’t enough, the staff was so friendly, that we couldn’t stop smiling after a while.

The food was really good as well and promptly served! The place seems to be quite busy though, so it wouldn’t hurt to reserve a seat if you know you cannot come in right after opening time!

Lovely Bar with good food and amazing staff! If we’re in the area again, we sure will stop there!



You can also do a lot of sightseeing in Cong, surprisingly so. The first is the ‘Bog Oak Sculpture’ near the Hungry Monk Café.  It’s an unusual statue which catches your eyes once you spot them. It’s rather big and a black bird, standing near the river.

But apart from being that, there’s not that much about it. You look at it, are amazed, snap a picture and walk on. A lovely sight when you’re in the area, but not worth a trip just to see it.



A lot more interesting is the ‘Royal Abbey’ of Cong. When we arrived in Cong, we immediately spotted this lovely gem. I am used to seeing ruins and exploring them, but this was is quite a sight. That’s not only due to the lovely front, but also the back leading into a park!

Right across the street are the ruins of another church and you can also easily walk into the nearby woods to enjoy some calm away from the busy streets. The Cong/Clonbur area offers walks through the woods and seems to be quite popular among locals.




There’s another gem in this area – ‘Ashford Castle’.

You can enter it either by foot or by car, and the entrance costs 5€, unless you are staying in the hotel itself.

The area is lovely, well taken care of and beautiful to the eye. You can do some horseback riding, walk through the park, do a hawk walk, shoot with a bow and much more. Or you can simply enjoy the calm of the park and spend some quiet hours there.

It’s a visually very interesting spot and there’s no wonder newlyweds choose this spot for their photos!


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Published by Patricia K