The second-largest city in Ireland, Cork – a city full of sunshine and music and of course churches.


The first thing we noted about Cork was the good weather – of course there’s also the occasional rain you always have in Ireland, but all in all it was warmer than in the other areas we were before. Our hotel was on top of a small hill and we had a wonderful view down over the city itself.



The city is really nice for exploring. A lot of narrow streets, winding themselves through Cork. Street musicians play their songs, parks are open. There are a lot of restaurants and cafés, even some of the smaller special ones. One we really loved was the Bookshelf coffee house – such a great coffee house! From the outside it doesn’t look like much, but once you’re in, you really don’t want to leave in a hurry. Friendly staff, good drinks at a reasonable price and a lovely interior.




Apart from the high numbers of shops – some the usual ones you find in every bigger city, but also a lot smaller and unique ones – there are a lot of churches in Cork. A. lot.

I’m just going to mention the ones I personally visited during our stay here, but there are a lot more to be enjoyed.

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral

During our visit to Cork, we spotted this cathedral in the distance and decided to walk there. Once we reached it, we were quite stunned by the awesome exterior which is really impressive.

Unfortunately we had to pay an entrance fee of 5€, which was a bit too expensive for my friends, so I was the only one walking in to take some photos and see more of the cathedral.

The staff was really nice and helpful and even from the inside is in an impressive building and the architecture is stunning. However, it’s nothing unusual if you’re used to seeing cathedrals. It’s still nice and very well worth the visit!


Saint Peter and Paul’s

This church actually came as quite a surprise, It’s in the middle of Cork and while it does look nice from the outside, I did not expect such an awesome interior.

The theme of this church seems to be ‘angels’ as you can find them everywhere. Some bigger angel statues ‘guard’ the middle part and they are very well made. This Church definitely is worth a visit!



And last but not least the Trinity Presbyterian Church which is really beautiful from the outside, but rather plain from the inside.




Cork was beautiful and we really enjoyed our stay there. But one thing we noticed for sure – Cork is not just beautiful, but also expensive.





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Published by Patricia K