During our holiday in Ireland, we had the luxury of a car and we used this to travel a bit around the country to discover some of the smaller villages which all had some gems to offer!


Ennis is actually short for Inis Cluain Ramh Fhada which translates to “island of the long rowing meadow”. It’s in the county Clare and with a  population of about 25,000 it’s the 11th biggest city in Ireland.


Now to the question why we even went there in the first place? It wasn’t far from the place where we stayed and after looking at the lovely green grass and rivers for a while, we yearned for a change of scenery and so decided to pay Ennis a visit.


The town is small and you can easily walk through the sometimes narrow pathways, discover a church with a lovely hand sculpture in front or visit the castle ruins.




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Published by Patricia K