Ireland is full of smaller cities you come across while travelling through the country! One of them is a town called Nenagh, which we first visited entirely by chance.



Nenagh – “The Fair of Ormond” ( Aonach Urmhumhan or simply An tAonach in irish) lies in the county of Tipperary.

Franciscan Friary is a place here very well worth a visit. It lies in ruins but that’s also what partly makes it so interesting.


Nenagh castle doesn’t look like much at first, as it only seems to be a round tower, with the rest lying in ruins. But the tower itself is also a museum and the staff will gladly answer every question you might have. The top offers a great look, but be a bit careful as the wind can be quite strong up there and blow away everything you don’t hold with a steady grip.


Nenagh also offers other churches and historical building and you can easily spend a day here, exploring the city by foot.

As we were hungry after a while, we asked locals and they sent us to the Cinnamon Alley Café – which turned out to be a true gem! The staff speaks various languages and the food there is cheap and so well made! We returned the next day just to eat there again and the next time we travel to Ireland, we promised to return to this lovely Café!

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Published by Patricia K