When it comes to orchestrating a business meeting, the eagerness to deliver a great impression immediately springs to mind. What location do you choose? Is it suitable? Does it reflect that you’re trying too hard for what should be an informal chat, or does it perhaps suggest you aren’t trying hard enough for what is a serious executive meeting? Luckily, there’s one setting that is suitable for any occasion: the balcony.

Whether a taste of luxury or an indoor lookout point, the balcony is a great symbol of status and power. Whether concerts or famous speeches, they’re a great example of exclusivity that can truly impress those in your meetings attendance. It can provide that jolt of inspiration and stimulation, delivering the impression of great success and control.

However, as with anything, there are cons amidst the pros when it comes to balconies too. Let’s debate the issue further…

Weather Conditions

Obvious but perhaps overlooked in the frantic thoughts, open-air balconies are a gamble whether you’re in London or Los Angeles. Whether it’s torrential rain or windy from your high up vantage point, the balcony can cause more of a disturbance than a soothing environment for a business meeting.

It’s probably better to skip the outdoor balcony if there is even a hint of things turning sour. In this circumstance, pick a location indoors instead, and swerve around any risk of your clients and associates getting drenched or windswept. After all, they came to discuss facts and figures, not get swept up in hurricane conditions!

The View

The staple of anyone who's made it big, having a cracking view from a balcony is nothing short of exquisite. An open plane of freedom and possibility to be observed at your leisure, it can be the perfect setting to sit down with your business partner and work alongside the divine scenery.

Of course, not all balconies are so fortunately positioned, with some facing a neighboring wall or looking out over some unfortunate scenes. Even the odd cruise can have obstructed views from their balcony, leading many to question if every instance of using one is worth it. Best take this into consideration – no one really wants to look at the back of someone else’s flat or office.

Looking Down on Subordinates

If the outside risks are too many, then it can be time to take matters indoors. The indoor viewpoint is a great way to look down on subordinates and oversee operations in real time. After all, it’s where the Royals position themselves when engaging with the public, so there’s none better to imitate when it comes to flourishing your station.

Although, you may want to hold off on this idea if those working below you are particularly noisy. If you’re meeting is important and needs tranquillity, it’s probably better to find another spot. Even if it’s quiet, you’ll just be disturbing those working at their desks down below with your chatter. The conditions will be noisy, but it’s important they are not distracting.

The Cost

It’s a simple fact that not everyone has a balcony, and for good reason. You can hardly pick one up from any old shop, and they are accessories to usually high-end premises. They’re hard to come by and tricky to afford for many people, so investing in them for the sake of the odd meeting can seem like a gamble.

However, companies such as Barrier Components offer great deals on high quality balustrades, meaning that balcony can be accessorized and developed over time. Barriers can become accessories, providing both safety and style in unison. Professionally designed and easy to clean, the process becomes less exclusive and more affordable, giving every business meeting a taste of corporate leisure. 

Published by Sunil Pandey