In a world where things are evaluating very fast, where people are so eager to be on top of everyone,where most of the parents have forgotten how to think and not what to think,it's no wonder that the world starts to go down. And it's a complete shame,to be honest !

No one says that you shouldn't watch TV,really. But do it moderately and watch something that's really interesting. When it comes to the children's' cartoons these days...I'm really sorry to say that the cartoons that were on TV while I was a little kid were much,much better,and also had a very powerful message to deliver within the characters if you payed attention to them - nowadays you learn nothing from them - well, yes there are a few exceptions,but not as many as I wish there were.Lately, I've started to stumble - on almost every social media site - upon the most heartbreaking affirmation based on which; these days people don't read like they've had read other times or they don't read at all. It's really sad to be hearing this. I admit that I used to be one of those many people,who - let's say - didn't kill their spare time reading.But for a few years now, everything has changed. Truth being said I sort of drive my parents insane with all my book purchasing...but, hey I don't care because I'm happy. 😊Leaving that personal note aside now,in order to get to answer the main question of the topic: "Why should you read !" and not only that one question. Here we go !


Question number 1 : Are teens reading these days ?

Most people would be tempted to say "No.They don't read anymore!" and I wouldn't blame them. But,truth be told, there are teens who actually read,and they read a lot of books. And I'm not strictly referring to books that are assigned by the school. You just have to know where to look in order to find them ! Most of them read mostly where they feel more comfortable. While some of them feel a lot more comfortable reading at home tucked in/on the bed,sitting in an armchair etc., there are quite a lot of other fellow bookworm ( because that's we call each other) who go more publicly,like for example : cafes, parks, libraries (because thank God there are hundreds of them), subways etc. every little space that can allow them to manifest their love for books.


Question number 2: Why are you reading ?


Tricky question. I know. (For me at least, is very easy to answer it.)

I,for one,read because it provides me an escape door from the world we live in. A door which allows me to be whomever I want to be, live wherever in this big world,set off on great adventures and it brings my imagination back to life from its very, very long sleep. And mostly...Because I love to !! Now it's your turn to answer it !


Question number 3: Why should I read ? What's the use ?


This would be the last question that needs to be answered by,of course,no one else than a bookworm and not only.

You should read because it's not only offering you an escape door from everything that surrounds you,but because it also helps you to develop in every way possible. There are thousands of books that help you grow,you just have to reach out and grab them. And if you think that movies help you develop yourself better than a book does than you have no possible idea of how wrong you can be. Think twice before you come with an argument to what I just have said.
Most of the movies and TV series you are watching are based mostly on a book. Of which you wouldn't happen to have any clue about because you don't enter bookstores. Too bad !

Take this for example.

You go to a movie and afterwards you want to write a review based on what you had seen. How would do that? I mean,you could write basically a lot about the characters and how everything had taken place in the movie. But you don't have a single chance to escape the comments of the actual fans who have read the book,who would say nothing else but that that you are very wrong and actually come out with the basic question : "Have you even read the book ?". Then, what ?!


My Advice : Go Grab A Book And Start Reading ! It's Not Too Late !

Published by Cristina Piciu