Happy Monday! Well, for some people im sure it's not a happy Monday. If you're anything like me i HATE Monday's with a passion. They make the week feel so long, i mean, It's another whole week before the weekend ahh!!!!

Anyway, today there's something i need to get off my chest. You know those feelings? Where it doesn't matter who you talk to or where you write it you just need to get it off your chest? Yeah well im having  one of those feelings. 

One thing i know about myself is i don't sugar coat things. I say it how it is, which maybe isn't a good thing i don't know? Anyhow, the other night i was talking to some people when one of them bought an issue up into the group and asked for our opinions. You're probably thinking where am i going with this but hold up. This person asked for OUR OPINIONS so that's exactly what i did. I said my opinion on it and that was that? Oh no. Last night another conversation started with said person and the topic opinions came up. She didn't like my opinion. Now, this really annoyed me because i sat and thought to myself, i'm not going to be made out to be the bad guy for expressing my opinion when you've asked for it, You know? Would she had rather i lied like the others and sugar coated it saying 'yeah you're 100% in the right blah blah' no. If someone wants the truth give it them.

I'm sick and tired of people judging because of opinions. We all have opinions many not the same but we all have them. Some people like to sugar coat the truth so it seems better than what it really is. But what's the point? Where does that get you? I Know if i ever needed help from my friends i wouldn't for one second expect them to tell me everything is ok because it isn't. Nothing is plain and simple these days, truth needs to be told otherwise everyone else is wrong apart from yourself.

We need to start taking responsibility  for ourselves. We're not children any more, we know what's right from wrong. We know cheating on someone to get one up is wrong, we know lying to someone is wrong,  When are we going to start realizing that we ourselves are sometimes the problem? We can't blame everything on other people. Sometimes, just sometimes, it's our own fault.

So yes, Me, Rebecca Hastings in an opinionated person and you know what? I'm proud to get my opinion across. I'm proud to put it plain and simple because if that was me, i would want the exact same thing.

I'm sorry this has been a tad aggressive maybe? or you've not liked it but it's one of those things that i really needed to put forward.

Now, go enjoy the rest of your weeks because i know thats exactly what i'm doing now :)

Becca x

Published by Rebecca Hastings