Put down the bottle and read this right now.

5.9% of all global deaths are attributed to alcohol.

50.7% of Americans over the age of 12 are current alcohol drinkers.

31,000 people in the US die every year from Liver Cirrhosis. "The vast majority of cases of cirrhosis could be prevented by eliminating chronic alcohol abuse".

Need we go on?

Whether you're a daily drinker or a recreational drinker, your body is suffering. Read on to learn why no drinking is the best drinking.

Drinking is Expensive

Aside from all of the bad health side effects, drinking is super expensive.

According to many of the most popular beer blogs online, the average household spends nearly $600 a year on alcohol. Of course, these are households that are only social drinkers. People who drink every single day spend significantly more on alcohol.

Here's an idea: Create a no drinking jar. If you're thinking of having a beer or a drink, put $2 in the jar. Make sure the jar isn't see through so you're not tempted to dig in!) Do this for about a month and see just how much money you've saved.

You'll Have Bad Breath

Drinking causes you to smell bad, there's no denying it. If you're speaking to someone who just had a beer, chances are you can smell it while they're talking to you.

If you can't keep up with brushing your teeth after every beer, you might want to consider laying off the Bud.

If you're a seriously heavy drinker, your skin will start to give off a foul, alcohol-related smell.

This in itself should be enough to make you want to stop drinking. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for your spouse or loved ones!

Drinking Causes Weight Gain

Yes! Drinking will make you fat.

Alcohol is made out of fermented grains. So, it's pretty much 100% carbohydrates.

What do carbs turn into? Sugar.

Your body breaks down carbs as short little energy boosts. When your body feels like it has enough energy, it starts storing it for later. Over time, these stored carbs build up and turn into fat. Pounds of fat.

The ironic part is that your body stored those carbs as energy boosts for later, but once you have too much built up, you end up feeling sluggish and overall have less energy.

Go figure.

You're Simply a Bad Influence

19.3% of children between the ages of 12 and 20 are reported drinkers.

You've heard that saying, "monkey see, monkey do." When it comes to children, this statement couldn't be truer.

If a child grows up seeing their parents, uncles, aunts, or even family friends regularly drinking, they will learn this behavior and associate it as normal.

Give up drinking today so your children won't have to watch you deteriorate, and then pick up that same behavior, eventually passing it onto your grandchildren.

In summary, not only will your health be better off without drinking, you will also be a better influence to others and will even save a decent amount of money in the process.

Drinking isn't horrible, as long as it's done in moderation.

No Drinking? No Problem

Okay, easier said than done. But with all of the help readily available it's easier now than ever to quit drinking. The same applies for those who are smoking addicts and have tried to stop on their own. There is no need to try and go it alone -- help is out there.

The first step is deciding to get help. Just think to yourself, "No drinking. No drinking."
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Published by Zachary McGavin