In 2017 and 2018, Dropshipping as a business model began receiving a bad rap. Several complaints began to litter the forum landscape.

  • Shipping times between 20-30 days
  • Low quality/banged up packaging
  • Chinese Labels on Packaging
  • Slow Refunds (Due to Working with Chinese Supplier)

However, the largest of these complaints was from the underperforming small business owners themselves. This complaint was simply, “My items aren’t selling!” The logic behind is is that the industry is too saturated and not innovative enough to continue being a viable business model throughout the coming decades. By this logic, Dropshipping was a simple E-Commerce fad leading into the next big thing. However, this is what we thought about the IPod Touch and if Apple had listened to these naysayers well… Android would rule the technological world.

That said, Dropshipping is just getting off the ground.

Overcoming Objections

Though the Dropshipping industry is full of no-timers and part-timers saturating the flow of goods and posts, these are not the people making money. YouTube vidoes claiming you can make $100 a day Dropshipping are actually incredibly accurate, however, this is done with a great amount of research, time, and trial and error before such revenue is yielded. In the early days of Dropshipping, it was as simple as creating an eBay listing . However, in the ever-growing competition real research and effort is required in order to achieve success.

Many Shopify dropshipping apps and helping guides have been created for dropshippers on all ends of the spectrum to give everyone the best odds at success. Cost breakdowns and domain and maintenance suggestions are offered here, which give the real serious dropshippers just an idea of how much revenue they’ll need to make monthly in order to break even.

While in the beginning Dropshipping has very low overhead cost, the industry does get costly as time goes on in order to stay ahead of the game in product research, distribution, security maintenance, and other forms of outsourcing. The Dropshipping business model is still very viable as a method of eCommerce, it merely requires effort, research, and eventually a sustainable revenue in order to stay afloat.

Resolving smaller complaints

Aliexpress and Oberlo offer products which will ship in shorter time frames, you just need to be willing to strategically look as you are choosing which products to offer at certain times. Keeping Chinese holidays in mind during the shipping process also helps as well.

In order to avoid longer shipping waits, it is also wise to keep a small selection of your products available in your home to offer customers “exclusive” or “premium” shipping rates. This will help cut down on shipping complaints and also give you better business to consumer interaction and response.

If products are not selling, take a look at your niche—or even your general store supply. The writers at Magenticians put it best when they said, “People don’t order goods from AliExpress or other stores that have a long delivery time that they need; in fact, they order the goods they want!” Don’t make consumers wait 30 days for food items or everyday things they can pick up from Walmart or Amazon Prime. When choosing your niche, think about “Christmas” items. What do people REALLY want, but can wait to get? Toys, electronics, clothes… People are willing to pay a little less for items and wait much longer for them as long as they are not absolute necessities.

In regards to Chinese packaging labels and low quality packaging, shipping instructions can be included in each order to assure that your consumers receive unmarked packages.

The only complaint which doesn’t have an immediate fix is the slow refunds. Unfortunately this varies from supplier to supplier and will be influenced by how strong your relationship with each supplier is. Read through their return policies and how they work with buyers and find the supplier with the policy which best suits your needs. Ultimately, you don’t want to have to receive refunds all that often, but you should be educated on the refund policies so you can keep your consumers happy and your bank account afloat.


Dropshipping is definitely revving up to be very successful in 2019 for those internet savvy gurus who are willing to put the pedal to the metal. It takes determination, problem solving, and - like any business - good ol’e fashioned work, but if you’re willing to give it time, Dropshipping can and will supply a viable return.

Published by Andre Smith