There’s a lot of buzz going around regarding the new healthy supplement called hemp oil.

While there is still need for more research regarding this potential cure for a lot of serious diseases like cancer, there are many studies that  are proving hemp oil healthy and efficient supplement :

We’ll get into the healthy benefits in a bit. First, let’s see what hemp oil really is.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted from the plant cannabis sativa, the same species as marijuana. BUt there’s a difference. First different ins in the type of the two plants. While marijuana comes from a shrub like plant which has leaves and flowers, Hemp seed comes from the hemp plant, tall like a bamboo plant. Another, and more important, difference is in the composition of the two products. Marijuana is rich in tetrahydrocannabinol , aka THC, the element that makes marijuana psychoactive. On the other hand hemp oil has very low amount of THC, typically ranging from 0.3% to 1.5%, and is rich in CBD. Thus Hemp oil does not have any psychoactive effects.

Since marijuana is illegal in most states of USA, cultivation of hemp plants is illegal too, except for growing it for research purposes in labs and study institutes. 

Health Benefits Of Hemp Oil

A lot of studies are being conducted regarding the effects of hemp oil and its components on human body and whether it can help in certain treatments cased on its components.Here are some major health benefits of hemp oil:

Rich Source Of Protein

Hemp seeds are one of the world’s richest edible sources of protein. There are a lot of products made out of hemp seeds including hemp protein powder, hemp oil and even hemp food. One spoon of hemp seed powder has about 15 grams of protein. It can thus make a good protein supplement. Some people even use hemp oil for their dogs to give them the amount of protein they require since the need cannot be fulfilled with just normal food.

Super Food For Vegans

Hemp has the perfect balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids as well as good amount of polyunsaturated fats and protein. Vegetarian population tends to find it difficult to get all these nutrients in their diet. Thus hemp oil can be a super food for them and give their body the nutrients it cannot make, like polyunsaturated fats.  In many regions of the world, hemp is used in making bread, hemp milk and other food products.

Improved Skin

Hemp oil contains CBD, which is known to be beneficial for skin health. It helps alleviate various skin problems like allergies, acne and rashes among others. Hemp oil  also helps make the skin radiant and treat blemishes.

Better Immune System

Consumption of hemp seeds and products has been connect to better health and longer life. Hemp oil is rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for a healthy immune system and good metabolism. Moreover, it can make the body more resilient thus making recovery faster and better.

Treatment of Epilepsy

The major component of Hemp oil, CBD is found to be helpful in treatment of epilepsy. The study conducted included amount of CBD in the epilepsy medicines and the treatment was concluded as effective and successful. The medicines helped with the seizures. However, more research is needed in the field.

Hemp has a lot of potential as a health supplement, medicine and general remedy. However, more research is required regarding this. One thing, however, is for sure that an administered and healthy hemp oil use can help with many common ailments. But since hemp and CBD products are not regulated by FDA, even where it is legal, large doses may cause serious problems. Thus the user should be careful of the size as well frequency of the doses.

Published by Evie Mills