English. English is the second language here in Malaysia. We now even have Malaysian University English Test (MUET) for pre-U students which is compulsory for them to take and to excel if they want to further in degree. 

So the never ending issue here is that do we really have to master the art of speaking, writing, and listening English? 

I see no problem here amongst majority of Chinese and Indians. The problem here is in the Malays. Yes yes Bahasa Melayu is the national language and is widely use. I understand why Malays defend so much the usage of Bahasa Melayu in everything. First of all, do you know that Bahasa Melayu has loooots of words that they borrow from other language? You can count with your fingers on how many orignal Bahasa Melayu words. Most of it we borrow from English, Arab, Indonesia, Portugese, and so many more. So let's bring that ego down. One of the reason we chose Bahasa Melayu as our national language because well, it is easy to learn. A Bangladesh worker can speak Bahasa Melayu within 2 weeks, or maybe less. 

Malaysia now includes the ability to speak in English as the most important criteria in job applications. That is why I personally think that students now need to brush up their skills in speakinng and writing English. For God's sake it is nothing for show off. Assume it like we're learning a new language. For now I'm learning Mandarin. I want to learn Mandarin because I can see many advantages it can bring especially in the job prospects. Don't you think that the more you learn, the more you understand? Plus, you won't get easily manipulated when you can understand multiple language. Somehow among some of the Malays, when you can speak fluent English, you're showing off. Idk maybe in some individual they tend to show off their ability to speak to others who can't. Well blame it on their attitude, not the language! It's really a sad thought when you limit yourself from learning a new language. Plus, it involves your future too. 

Hey, not everyone can master English since they were born. I myself took years of learning and now I am able to get to where I am. I don't come from a family who speaks fluent English. Seriously! I am just lucky to be friends among those who are fluent in English, and that is how it influences me. Thanks guys. 

So take up the challenge. Learn a new language! 

Published by Julianna Ong