I used to wear two shirts, excess everything.

Now I crop ✂️✂️ I had to (and STILL do)

make cuts in all aspects of my life.

Change my mind. Change my eating. Change my physical habits. Change where I was putting my energy…

A colleague honestly asked me,

How did you do it though? Was it about your health or the aesthetic? 

Had me thinking too! Because of course I wanted to, and started to say it was about healthBut I had to be realistic and really go back.

I wasn’t seriously “diagnosed” with anything to want to change.

I knew about them and was exposed to the terminology at a young age,

but I was in elementary, middle school I didn’t retain that information forreal,

I wanted to be a kid in my own world.

So at first.. I did. I wanted the look.

But that mindset led to dehydration, burn outs, faints, loose skin,

and boy do I have some stories..

I’m just putting out that No matter what the / (Y)our transformation goal is

(lose weight, gain weight, bigger/smaller legs/arms booty, muscle building) 

the FACT is that it is truly more than the aesthetic!

It’s a fullll mindful change.

It is (y)our Health here.

Just strive to do better every day.

Day by day.

I really amaze myself when I go back lol.

Doesn’t seem that long ago (2009+)



I’m only 22!

And I am definitely excited for 23 — (Leo season I feel it already!!)

and having more transformations and changes in my Life


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