According to the latest reports, the world is, indeed, becoming a more dangerous place for Jews. The scale of this problem is getting so big that it spreads the sense of emergency among the people. And it is definitely well-justified as the number of fatalities in antisemitic attacks last year was the highest in decades.

From deadly shootings to assaults to desecrations of the Holocaust memorials, all manner of attacks are occurring all over the world. This news is highly disturbing as it raises concerns about modern society.

Anti-Semitism Is No Longer Restricted to Extremists

It seems there was no time, at least in modern history, where anti-Semitism hasn’t existed. However, not so long ago, violent acts against the Jews were perpetrated by the ultra-right and left-wing extremists as well as radical Islamists.

Today they occur all over the place and behind them are not only extremists but regular people. This is a most worrying tendency because it indicates that such acts become common and accepted by society.

Of course, they aren’t “the norm” but the fact that people, who have no ideologic cause to hate a specific group, start lashing out against them is a problem that cannot be dismissed. And it’s imperative to determine the exact cause of this change in attitude. Why is it happening now? Why is it targeted against the Jews?

It’s true that a great number of people are unaware of the horrors of history, even as recent as World War 2. According to a survey, about two thirds of millennials don’t know about the Holocaust. And this issue could be easily prevented because there are a variety of the Jewish Museum exhibits that remind of the injustices visited upon these people. There are routes for increasing awareness, but it seems that no one bothers to use them.

And in some cases, it's exhibits that get vandalized. This adds another layer of “horrific” to the already bad situation as the main purpose of exhibits is to help prevent history from repeating.

With Anti-Semitism on the Rise, What’s in the Future?

For all that some might claim that history moves in cycles, accurately predicting the future is impossible. The best we can do is consider the facts and draw logical conclusions. Anti-Semitic sentiments are on the rise and they start penetrating all layers of society. It’s a fact and it’s highly concerning because the increase in violence in, no doubt, the result of this. This means that a continued elevation of this violence is a distinct possibility.

One thing that prevents any more-or-less accurate predictions in this case, however, is the fact that the reason behind this rise of anti-Semitism is unknown. And without knowing it we are not only unable to stop it but also unable to see its development toward whatever ultimate goal is behind it.

Considering all that, one has to admit that the Jews truly are in danger today. All the more so as people cannot predict where the next attack will come from.

However, you also shouldn’t forget that while some people get more violent against the Jews, others come to their aid and support them far more openly. Those cases of the Holocaust exhibits’ desecrations showed that the people of today won’t just stand by and let tragedies happen. Religious groups of Christians and Muslims, as well as the community came to help restore and protect those exhibits.

People, whose ideologies clash, stood side by side to protect another group of people they aren’t aligned with any political, religious, or ideological way. They did it because this is the right thing to do and they worked together to protect something that’s bigger than any single group. That collaboration in itself gives hope for the future of not only Jews but the world.

Published by Derek Lotts