Yes! In some very rare cases like my Mom's, the answer is Y-E-S! But how?

Well, the telltale signs of pregnancy will be missing (like morning sickness); and you could be well way into your third trimester then you begin to wonder about your tummy. Panicking about tumors and "there's something inside me kicking" , then going in for an ultrasound do you find relief that in fact it's not a tumor but your belly is only housing a little bundle of joy!!!

Such was the experience of my mother while she was pregnant with my older brother, twenty-six years ago. Like me, she rarely ever gets her period (like twice or thrice only in a year!) With that as a given, she could not find out in any way if her missed period in the first month was because she was pregnant or as usual, missed her period again as was the norm for her!

My mother still retells this story with the same glee and joy as she had when she first told the story to us (my brothers and I). There's still so much mystery and awe that lies in the creation of life. I'm still amazed today.

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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo