Through out all my makeup purchases I have found that spending more doesn’t always mean you will get the best quality. And sometimes spending less doesn’t mean that it will be awful! So, I am going to do a beauty based blog post each week about my thoughts on products so see if they are rally worth the hype or how they compare some of the drug store brands. Im calling it ‘Is it REALLY worth it?’

VICEFor my first post on the subject I’m going to talk about 3 eye shadow palettes that I have. 2 of which are high end makeup brands and 1 of which is a drugstore purchase. The first is ‘Vice’ but Urban Decay, now this isn’t the latest one that you may have seen around at Christmas, but I got it about 2 years ago. The colours look amazing in the palette and I knew I had to have it once I saw it. When I first got it I wasn’t that into the actual makeup quality itself but rathervice 2 just the brands I could collect and what colours they was. Now I know what good quality makeup is I can now say that this isn’t a very good eye shadow palette. The pigmentation of each colour isn’t very strong and you have to pack on a lot of powder to properly see the colour you want to use. Which makes me very upset!
The palettes cost roughly £40, which is a lot of money for something that you have to pile on. I expected so much better from Urban Decay. Verdict – NOT WORTH IT (sad face).

stillaMy second palette is Stilla’s Spirit. I got this a couple of years ago also and automatically
fell in love with the colours – but I have found it to be the same as the Vice palette. Hardly any pigmentation! DISAPPOINTING!! This goes for around £30 online and most online reviews are stilla 2positive which I don’t see why or how. Maybe
it’s just me? Who knows.. Anyways, as beautiful as the colours are I hardly use it. I have to pile on the powder and I truly do no think its worth it. If anyone else has had the same problem please let me know! All I seem to see if good amazing reviews and I just can’t get the same result! Verdict – NOT WORTH IT (another sad face).

Lastly we have my drugstore brand palette by Revolution. The brand has a very large revselection of eye shadows and all of which look so good I want them all! Another good thing is that the colours are so much more pigmented and you don’t have to pack on the powder to actually see anything! And how could you ask for more at an amazing price of £8?? Love it! The packing isn’t truly great due to the rubbing off of the words but what are you expect for such a little price? I got this not too long ago and within the first few uses I feel in love with every aspect, rev 2and being a student meant that I could buy a few to fulfil all my eye shadow needs! Plus, due to high volume of different palettes you can buy, you can find any colour that suits you. Great for everyone. All these points are leading me to  verdict of WORTH IT (happy face!)

Do you think that these palettes were worth it? Or do you have any that you think aren’t that I haven’t spoke about? Tell me!

Love, Molly xo

Published by Molly Anderson