Hello, Lovelies! So not too long ago I finally bagged myself one of the famous Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, however at the time of purchase I wasn't really that into lipsticks (what a bad stage what was) and I didn't have a blog... I wanted something I could wear every day to work etc so I went for one of the glosses. Now that good old Kyles is bringing out more and more to her cosmetics range, I thought I'd do a little review of the gloss I have, to help you make up your mind on if you want one or not.

The gloss I went for is called 'Literallyand I've got to admit, as much as I think she just names them all willy nilly and some are really crap names- I actually like her first range of gloss names as they go 'LikeLiterallySo Cute'Love it. 

After finally bagging myself a gloss at $15.00 which works out at around £12.50 - not bad right? But of course you have to encounter the fact that it's coming from the states so shipping is going to boost that right up there - with shipping costing $14.95 (ie nearly the price of the product) it brings your total to $29.95 aka £24.51. yikes. Saying this though I was in proper 'Treat Yo Self' mode so ordered it regardless, what I will say is that it arrived sooooo much quicker than I expected from America! I'm talking maybe 3 days max? So in theory, the shipping is kindddda worth it.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 16.01.56.png

The presentation of the gloss is very cute indeed, your gloss includes a ‘handwritten’ note from King Kylie with of course your lip kit! Upon opening I was actually really sceptical, I had seen reviews online of them being terrible, the brushes etc looked awful – however mine was perfect!



It’s a very thick gloss not overly sticky but enough to give your lips a good colour as well as giving them that perfect gloss shine. The kit itself is glass (which I don’t know why I was surprised at this, I wouldn’t expect anything else from Kardashian Sistaa) and are quite a good size. My ‘Literally‘ Gloss – LITERALLY goes with everything I wear. It goes with all of my makeup styles because lets be serious, we all need a good nude lip every now and again right?



Okay, so this is what it looks like on! Please excuse my face I’ve just come home from a shift I work up at 4:15am for.


I really like how it looks on, it defiantly complements my skin tone, hair and eyes which i love ( which you also have to be careful about when ordering lipstick in general – of you don’t know what lipsticks go with your tone – head to the No7 counter at books and get your skin matched! They can match you skin up with loads of lipsticks so its 100% worth the trip.

Looking back, I sit here and think, I can’t believe I paid £30 for a lipgloss essentially – but like most things you’re simply paying for a brand. If we could have Topshop Handbags vs Michael Kors handbags, I think we all know which one we would choose and it’s the exact same with the lip kits, see them as an investment. The key question is though*drum roll please*

Would I buy from Kylie Cosmetics again?





100% yes, I’ve had mine for 21 weeks guys and it’s still going strong.21 WEEKS ( I haven’t been keeping count,Instagram is a goddess)  I bring it to work (because why not have a little bit of sass at work right?) I wear it every day almost and it’s still just as good as the first day I got it, I’m not even scraping the sides to get more gloss on my brush either. I will in the future be ordering from Kylie Cosmetics again & hopefully be doing some more reviews and maybe even some vlogs (eeeeek) on makeup tutorials with them.


However I’ve got to say that Kylie is completely slaying her business, The Burgandy & Bronze pallet are live now if you can manage to fork out a whopping $42.00 for a pallet -but as I said it is designer makeup & just look at how gorgeous the colours are. These are her first two eye palettes so I don’t doubt that she’ll be releasing more in the future.



Lip kits can now be bought as singles as separate lipsticks & lip liners (hurrah), not to mention Kyliner & her metal range. I really do love this makeup range, and even if it wasn’t Kylie Jenner I would still buy this in the future. Go on – treat yourself😉

Talk Soon my Lovelies & thank you for reading!

flo xo



Published by Alexandra Florence