It has come to my attention that people tend to waste time and energy on those who do not even deserve the slightest bit of attention. Various questions come immediately to my mind. For instance, are these people being so careful and attentive to others selflessly or is there a hidden self interest behind? It has also come to my attention that there are people in this world who have no idea who they are or what they are.

These people will behave according to the situation and most likely won’t even have their own opinion on anything. Often, these people are quite inconsistent in what they think or what they say. Though, I guess, there is one particular type of people that has really gotten to me – those who act in hope for the audience. These people behave the way they do just to impress, show off or simply act in front of people looking for a consequent reaction on their part. It is like they turn into actors for a second and after their performance is over they go back to their lives feeling lonely and miserably uncertain of where they are headed.

These people most commonly tend to take advantage of others. I call them energy vampires. They suck out all positive energy out of decent people and use it for their own benefit and to their own advantage. Honestly, I wish I could help these people, bring in some perspective into their lives and help them see that there is something to be thankful for and someone who will be there for them no matter. To let them know that it is all right to have your own opinion, to disagree with others and yet manage to maintain a good steady relationship with others.


I would like to show that as soon as one starts appreciating little details in life, everything starts falling into place. Like a puzzle, once you start seeing a bigger picture, the smaller pieces come together. It is so much easier to take someone or something for granted hoping that your cute smile will always work as an apology and that person will stand by you no matter what. Unfortunately, in reality people will quickly get tired of a pretty smile and innocent eyes trying to talk you into forgiving their mistakes and then boom in a blink of an eye you are standing alone with your thoughts and no one to lean on. I just wish I had a chance to reach out to these people and leave an impact, at least a small impact on their lives, perhaps help them see through some obstacles they have come across and encourage them to be who they are without being ashamed or scared of doing so.

I guess, if there was an opportunity for me to at least to be heard I would take it without any second guessing! After all, the good thing about advice is that at the end of the day you don’t even have to take it…Perhaps it is naive on my part to believe that a message once heard will stay somewhere in the corner of one’s mind and one day it will surface and will change a life. Trying to fit in, trying to find your place and find a place, where you belong can be challenging but trying too hard will lead you nowhere. You have to let go and be what you are and if you make a couple of enemies on your way it just means that you have stood up for something that you believe in.

Thankfully, we are all different and can bring colours to what seems to be a grey bittersweet every day life. Imagine a place, where every single one of us was alike and all shaped into the same box with similar ideas and exactly same tastes and habits, wouldn’t that be just boring? Most of the time people are afraid to show how they feel or what they are thinking because they are scared of not fitting in or of being different. There is nothing wrong with being a little bit different and stand out. At the end of the day “those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. Keeping your mind over matter will always get you through even the most difficult times of your life. However, hiding in your own shadow, won’t get you anywhere.

Think about it. Shakespeare said: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages,” – I guess he has a point.

Humans are actors in the world that is a stage in the theatre of life. We come into people’s lives at a certain point like actors that come on stage in various scenes, and each one of us has a purpose and has a role to play. As actors we come and go and we put on a performance, and one can argue that our life is made of scenes that are composed with a little help of our friends, enemies, parents and random strangers. If we put them together then we start having a storyline and each one of us lives through a comedy, tragedy, drama or crime at least once in a lifetime.

I guess what I am trying to say your life is your show, so choose carefully the music, the props and most importantly the people that you let take part in your play.

Published by Karina Saakyan