Love. Everyone wants to be loved and have a loved on in their lives. Today, I am not talking about a love of a friend or a love of a family member, which are both equally important. Today, I want to talk about romantic type of love. The kind that the girls dream about since the first time they have a crush on a boy, and the kind that makes a man want to spend the rest of his life with one woman.

So, is love a calculated algorithm? Can we anticipate love? Is it something that can be matched based on the interests you have in common, the languages you speak and the upbringing you received? Surely, people who have more common grounds will be a better match and will probably have the time of their lives together, but is this love or a simple attraction? So many questions evolving around this intriguing subject. Some people are convinced that two people that come from different cultures and backgrounds will never find their happiness. Of course, different cultures comes with complications of various type, but tell me what relationship is not complicated? Social circles play a crucial part in this equation as well. If the two people come from different social classes it is somehow believed to be an issue and the people who are attracted to each other by a stronger power than sober thinking never dare to go for an adventure they might never forget.

Sad really.

So many people love but cannot be together and so many are together but do not love.

Isn't love the key ingredient to any relationship?

So if love is not something easily calculated, is it more of a chemical reaction between two people? Personally, I believe so. If there is no chemistry between two people - there chances of the couple being together for a long time are limited. I admit this might be my opinion/view on things and obviously one can spend  hours debating this issue, but just think about it.

Have you ever met a nice girl/boy with whom you'd love to talk over coffee because they have an interesting personality and share same interests with you but you would never take this a step further because something is missing? If you have, you'd understand what I am talking about.

Today, we somewhat rely or hope that the algorithm of a social media/dating app will take us to the prince charming. Why? Well, mainly because it is getting challenging to meet people outside of our own little bubble of life and moreover, more challenging to have the chemistry with the person.

Interesting isn't it, how in the world, where one can have anything they'd like, there is always something missing. Sometimes, the thing we need the most is the thing that is missing is the toughest to have. Millions of hearts beating all over the world and still looking for something.

If you ask me, love is a comprise of patients and passion, of similarities and differences and a chance of being yourself in unison with someone. Love knows no lies, no fakeness, no false pretences. It teaches to appreciate one another at our worst times and best times. Love teaches to share and value each moment spent in the arms of the beloved. Everyone should experience love at least once in life, and if lucky twice. We don't find love, love finds us and we should embrace it with an open heart and an open mind. It is not a calculation based on an algorithm but a chemical reaction powered by emotions and passion.

Published by Karina Saakyan