So as most of you may know, Netflix has released a new series titled 'The Crown' based upon Queen Elizabeth on her journey as a wife, mother and most importantly - a monarch. Yeah sounds boring, right? WRONG. I have binge watched this season entirely and wholeheartedly have fallen in love with it  - may contain spoilers.. but not if you know history.

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The Story//

The story of how Elizabeth became Queen was something I was always familiar with. If you didn't know, HRH was on a tour, in place of her father King George with her husband Prince Philip and was residing in a place called 'treetops' in Africa when the news broke that her father had died, making her Queen. Watching this take place makes you feel like you were there, right back in 1952 - reliving History. 

The Series starts with King George spitting up blood into his lavatory bowl - delightful right? but is a start of things to come showing you slowly how small things start and build up into biggest things.  You get an intimate in look into the most private family in history, such as personal affairs with Princess Margret & Peter Townsend. How The Queen Mother dealt with the death of her husband and the succession of her daughter in a family that was never meant to wear the burden of The Crown.

We get a slight insight into the relationship between the Royal Family & their relationship with Edward, the King that famously abdicated the throne to be with divorcee Wallis Simpson an American socialite, to whom he was forbidden to marry as - back then, royalty were not allowed to marry divorcees. If I'm honest, it's a very nasty view - it is depicted that he completed turned his back on his family as they wouldn't give her the title she so 'rightfully' deserved, although she was made Duchess of Windsor. This bitterness held by both of them is displayed very tactfully and truthfully in my eyes.

The thing is, though, it's only based on events - this is no way an accurate representation of the Royal Family and if you support them or not, it's still a bloody good series. There were reports floating around that The Royal family were anxious about the series coming out- to be honest, who could blame them? If people started making a Netflix drama about my family I would be slightly anxious too - but they must not fear. The Crown paints the Royals the way they have painted themselves in recent times rolling together the constitution of both country and family.

You go on the journey with her, through all of the troubles of the 50's, through The Great Smog, her troubles with Churchill, deaths and scandal in the family and this is only the start. It's amazing, to be honest, that it has taken THIS long to make it into a series. 

The Cast//

Clare Foy & Math Smith embody Elizabeth & Philip perfect.Clare Foy as Elizabeth is just outstanding, her accent lessons have paid off massively, she not only shares a remarkable resemblance to the young Queen (so does Matt Smith as Prince Philip) but she really captures the fight between being a wife & sister vs being The Queen of England. Vanessa Kirby really captures Princess Margaret's spirit and the young and rebellious princess & Winston Churchill is - only what I can call a delightful little shit of a character.

Clare Foy as Elizabeth is just outstanding, her accent lessons have paid off massively, she not only shares a remarkable resemblance to the young Queen (so does Matt Smith as Prince Philip) but she really captures how realistically it was a struggle for her a young princess to have to step into her father's shoes so suddenly. Her portrayal at the beginning is quite soft and gentle yet quite firm and tough, you watch her grow as a Queen through the series, somewhere you see this most is her private audiences with Churchill. She provides a captivating resemblance of Queen Elizabeth, a straight-talking yet gentle character.

Doctor Who fans rejoice at the fact that straight talking Matt Smith is in The Crown but I assure you he plays a very difference character than what we're used to seeing. Like Clare Foy, he too shares a remarkable resemblance to the Young & charming Prince Philip yet his portrayal of him is probably something that we overlook. He plays a sensitive & very protective Prince Philip, a man who struggles with making the difference between treating Elizabeth as Wife or as Queen - but someone who supports either one with all his heart.

The time where her duty to The Crown & her duty to her family as a sister, shines through with the dilemma between Princess Margret and her relationship with Peter Townsend, who is a divorcee. After seeing her uncle abdicate the throne due to not being allowed to marry a divorcee she faced quite a sensitive subject when it became her own sister. Margret is portrayed by Vanessa Kirby who plays her perfectly. She is young and rebellious, as the real princess was - showing her flamboyance to the full when she is asked to stand in for The Queen during her 4month tour.

Is It Any Good Though?//

YES. yes yes yes. It is filmed so so beautifully, you can tell that Netflix has spared no expense in making this series fabulous, their £100m gamble has well and truly paid off - even travelling to Africa to film. I even questioned sometimes if they actually filmed around Buckingham Palace etc because the sets are just THAT GOOD. It's a series that you can well and truly get stuck into with plenty of drama. If you think the royal family is boring, you won't after watching this. 

Give it a shot, I know it's been advertised everywhere  it is one of my most favourite series that I've ever watched, completely endearing and captivating.

I hope you watch it & thank you very much for reading 

lots of love

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