Do you ever wonder what’s going on in the streets of your town? Are you looking for some new trends to follow or for some new inspiration to move forward in your life? Well, you wouldn’t believe all of the things that the city and the people of Sacramento have to offer. As the Capitol of California, Sacramento is a city on the brink of inspirational growth. It is a city full of community and hope. The people of Sacramento are trying to make a difference in their lives, the lives of others, and most importantly, within this great city by the river. However, these diamonds in the rough don’t string their name in lights or shout it from the rooftops. These are every day, average Joes that are doing great things in their community and for their community. They are our unspoken heroes and On Tha Brink is here to expose these underground gems that are hidden right here in the Sacramento Delta. Our job is to share what Sacramento has to offer with the rest of the world.

On Tha Brink had the pleasure and opportunity to interview a local muse; a young dancer who has found a way to jig into the hearts of all who see him on the dance floor. Ryan Newman, aka Jigman, is a 25 year old dancer who specializes in krump. A North Carolina Native, Ryan didn’t take dance seriously until he moved to Sacramento and understood the movement that is going on here. The dance movement here in Sacramento is a growing phenomenon. The local dance battle scene has brought in dancers from all over and has established a humongous following.

We spoke to Ryan on a beautiful summer day in June and we decided to conduct the interview outside, where we were blessed with some of his Southern charm. Ryan “Jigman” Newman has become an integral part of the dance battle scene here in Sacramento and is a member of the Goodfellas’ Mafia, which is quite amazing because 8 years ago he had no idea that he was a dancer. After watching his brother krump repeatedly, Ryan started liking it and started battling his brother to increase his skills and become the dancer that he is today.

On July 16, 2016, Ryan “Jigman” Newman is battling King Guttah at the fourth dance battle tournament, Legends In The Making (LITM IV) in West Sacramento. Stay tuned to On Tha Brink to see who and what is in store.

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Published by Kristen Debler