Galaxay ON5 can be categorized as a mid range phone in terms of quality but also one that is dependeable and reliable. A brand new Galaxy ON5 is equipped with a handful of common apps and has sufficient storage space and capacity to add desired Apps such as Uber and Spotify upon activating service.  The Galaxy ON5 is, like many of Samsung’s products, not the fanciest device you can buy but certainly a well constructed and sturdy piece of cellular technology capable of most functions of most phones on the market today.




The Galaxy ON5’s design is hardly complicated, on the bottom face of the phone is a menu button, back button and another button that opens recently used apps. On the left hand side is two volume control buttons and on the right hand side located is the power button.  The touchscreen and apps are razor sharp yet not overly sensitive, the apps, controls and buttons do not need to be wrestled with to prompt phone functions.  The corners of the phone are smoothly curved which makes the phone easier to handle.  The microUSB port is on the bottom edge of the phone inbetween the audio jack (3.5 mm) and microphone.  The camera meanwhile is located on the back of the phone toward the top as is standard with nearly every smartphone of late.  Those who have older model cellphones and smartphones will be pleased to find that the camera has a reversible selfie picture feature which makes it much easier to take photos of yourself without someone else’s help or when no one else is around.  The camera on the backside of the phone has an LED flash and the loudspeaker is also nestled in the top half of the rear of the phone.  The picture quality is certainly as good as Samsung’s competitors’, the clarity and resolution is surprisingly well defined. 


The Galaxy ON5's camera is high quality. 



The 5inch screen display is clear and bright, the 720p resolution and pixel density of 294 PPI is more than adequate. If you just want the basics, the Galaxy ON5 delivers the latest level of quality that is at the least comparable to the best and most expensive phones on the market. If you watch a YouTube video on the Galaxy ON5, the picture quality is clear as the average laptop while the low pixel density is somewhat evident when you zoom into full screen, the videos when zoomed in give a pixelated look which isn’t of too poor quality, but hey what can you expect of a hand sized cellphone to provide? Overall however the colors and image quality are sharp enough to provide for enjoyment of YouTube and recorded videos. After all, you can only expect so much of mid-range product but the Galaxy ON5 does not disappoint.



The construction of the inner workings of the Galaxy ON5 include the Exypos 3475 quad core chipset, the phone has a 1.3GHz processor which performs well but is designed for more budget friendly devices, however only tech nerds would know this. The RAM on this device is somewhat limited, of the 1.5 GB of RAM 534 MB is free to use while the 681 of RAM the system uses while a handful of default apps use up 184 MB of the RAM. The average Joe chipset is conducive to gaming, video game freaks may opt for a phone more conducive to gaming but if you want something that you can play on while on the bus, the Galaxy ON5 can help keep you entertained.

With all the things you can do on the phone the large 2600mAh battery of the ON5 still manages to last more than a day. The battery is small in size but certainly capable of supporting all that the ON5 can do.


So for the price is the Samsung ON5 the ideal budget friendly phone? The phone is priced in the $80 range, for $80, compared to other phones which can cost several hundred dollars, what you get is certainly sufficient and worth your money. The Galaxy ON5 is a solid buy in the realm of smartphones, however in terms of value this device is hardly exceptional although the device comes with a pair of good quality headphones along with the wall charger and USB cord. Whether or not you should buy one comes down to what you would prefer to have as far specs and capabilities go, however if you want something reliable and sturdy of average mid-range quality, the Galaxy ON5 is worth buying.

Published by Ville Iso-Ahola