I am all about the self love revolution that surfaced around town a few years ago. As someone who always works towards being good as a person, to myself and those around me, the whole idea of self love really did bring about some major changes in my life.

It’s linked to our psychological well being as well as physical. Some people may have used it as a media tactic to come under the spotlights but I think along the way, the real idea of accepting our identities and bodies really made its way into our minds. For me this idea of self love was psychological rather than physical, it taught me that I deserved to voice my opinions and that the presence of another person’s beauty or knowledge did not mean a lack of my own.

Being in a series of relationships with people that undermined me and made me feel small, I went from being this happy person to someone with immense amounts of anxiety and I fight that battle every day til date. So when I opened myself to this whole new idea of self love and acknowledgement, it really hit me like a truck. I realized that I meant so much more than what people thought of me and that their idea of me was not my definition.

I would say that I’ve come a long way but I sure as hell have a lot to work on. What’s really bugging me though is this battle between loving and pleasing myself and also being soft to the people around me. I always question if my decision is more about empowering myself or just being self centered.

I think there is a fine line between the two. “No” as an answer might liberate you but if that same “No” is coming from another person and you criticize it then that’s selfish, not liberating. Don’t fool yourself or others into thinking that you are important but at the cost of another person being any less. People sometimes may lack the skill of proving themselves right to you or putting their point of view out there but it is for you to understand that regardless of that, you hold the responsibility of being fair for yourself and those around you.

Published by Tuba Aisha