There are plenty of sites out there that claim they’ll help you make quick and easy money, and too many of them can’t be trusted. Too many innocent internet users have fallen into the traps put into place by these dodgy sites, and it never gets easier. Personal details can be stolen, money can be withheld. That’s why it’s a great thing that there are still certain sites out there which have still got credibility, including Swagbucks. They have continually proven since their creation that they won’t let their users down and are up there with the most reliable of sites. But is it really worth using, and will you actually make some profits if you do use it? Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you everything about Swagbucks and whether it’s all it’s cracked up to be in our Swagbucks review

So what actually is Swagbucks? Put simply, it’s a website that you can use to generate PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards and gift cards for different companies and shops. Different companies provide Swagbucks with a product of sorts which they want feedback on, and Swagbucks proceed to place it on their site. That’s where you come in- you then perform some sort of review for the product, which then goes back to the original company. Swagbucks pay you for doing this, and the company pays Swagbucks for gathering the feedback. It’s a neat system. 

The real question is, however; is Swagbucks really reliable to use? We definitely think it is. This can be seen in their stats. In fact, they’ve given out over £200million to their users since they were formed, highlighting the fact that they certainly have the funds and stick to their principles of distributing them to their users. They have never tried to get out of paying up or providing gift cards, so you know you’re definitely likely to gain some rewards.

So what can you actually do to earn rewards on Swagbucks? There are a wide variety of things to do, and you can take your pick depending on what you’d enjoy the most. You can watch videos, complete surveys, buy gift cards and get cash-back based on the rewards you do earn. There are a lot of things to do on the site, so you’ll never get bored- plus you’ll be in the knowledge that you’re making money the whole time. 

You’ll also be wondering about the kinds of places you can get rewards for. There are a great number of them- over 1500 in fact, according to the Swagbucks website. These include gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks. You can also get cash-back from PayPal, meaning you can turn your online rewards into real money. It’s a great all-around site for these kinds of things.

Swagbucks also have a mobile app, meaning you can earn rewards wherever you go. It’s really easy to use and is available to download for free, allowing you to get started on earning rewards straight away. The site and app really do offer you with great opportunities to make that little bit of extra cash and you should definitely give them a go. 


Published by Mohaned Gadnne