After the protests following the deaths of two innocent black men turned violent, we are force to ask: What does this mean for the Black Lives Matter movement?

According to some news sources, the black men who shot the white police officers because they were "white" and "police officers"

Now, I and many other people know this this cannot come even close to being compared to the injustice that people of color face every single day.

But other people may not be this sensible. I can see it now: Many white people may say they feel "unsafe" because they were targeted. As wrong as I know this mentality is, some people may not see it this way.

So what does this mean for the Black Lives Matter movement?

People who don't take the movement seriously may be even more skeptical now. Some people who strongly believe in the movement may be too scared to participate in peaceful protests, which is a valid fear.

The tragic death of the motorists fueled the movement. They gave the movement what it needed to get up and fight. But now the shootings of the police officers set the movement so far back.

So, as a society, we have to realize that these few people who shot five innocent people do not represent the whole Black Lives Matter movement.

We all have to stand back up, grieve all of the tragic deaths this week and move for change. Change in the justice system, change in our society, and change in our mindset.


Published by Kaila O'Niell