Originally Published in PWBN newsletter January 2016

He says that you are as young as you feel. Imagine if you felt half as good as he does at age 70. Could this be you?

Professor Dr. Paul Ling Tai had his audience roaring in laughter as he used self-deprecating humor to prove his point. It didn’t hit me until I began to realize that all of the things that he was discussing, such as loss of bladder control, memory fog, and sagging flesh are all part of the aging process. Could this be my future? That’s when I sat upright with rapt attention—as he began to unravel the science of aging.

Dr. Tai, chairman and president of the Brazil American Academy of Aging & Regenerative Medicine, discovered a simple, holistic-approach to reverse the aging process.

At age 40, Dr. Tai, chief of surgery, began one of the largest reconstructive surgery medical practices in the United States that had more than 120 patients a day. Despite his enormous success, he had to sell his practice because he developed hypertension, and severe fatigue, along with other medical complications that prevented him from operating his business.

 Chronic heart disease ran rampant in his family and now he was concerned that his “bad genetics” were debilitating him, too.

His family didn’t smoke or drink, and took good care of themselves; however, there was a sobering history to consider: his father died at age 43, and his mother had open-heart surgery twice. His older brother suffered a massive heart attack and died at age 45.His younger brother at age 42 had open-heart surgery, and his third brother died at age 5.

 Dr. Tai pursued post graduate studies to cure himself and help others find alternatives to taking prescription drugs that could have long-term serious side effects. He ended up becoming dual certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine and nutrition.  For the past 30 years, this ground-breaking professor/consultant has written extensively and lectured worldwide on the secret to staying and feeling young.

As he nears his 70’s Dr. Tai is a walking, living, breathing example of vibrancy and youth. He claims that by age 60 most Americans take 8-10 prescriptions every day--but he takes none.

“Age is really a biological question. I feel better than I did in my 30’s,”said Dr. Tai.

He teaches post graduate medical students, travels weekly on the lecture circuit, and has recently returned from a keynote address on a world-wide human aging conference in Brazil.  His secret: “If you are healthy, life is worth living.”

One can first see the manifestations of aging in the largest organ that covers our body. ”Everything that happens to your skin happens in your whole body.”

 For example, the three most common external signs that indicate aging are wrinkles or sagging skin, hair loss, and age spots, the skin discolorations also called liver spots. Internally that means respectively losing elasticity in blood vessels, loss of cells inside the body, and loss of brain and lung cells.

Before aging is evident, he advises 30-year-olds to start taking their health seriously and making better choices. Treat food as a medicine and eat every day like you are taking medicine. Get enough rest because while you sleep the melatonin that is released rejuvenates the body.

Aside from eating right, exercising, and getting plenty of rest, Dr. Tai has over his life time of conducting research developed a comprehensive plant-based line of organic supplements that he claims reverses the aging process. These supplements have been clinically tested and reviewed in medical journals. They include natural hormones that do everything from improving memory and brain function, and having better circulation and heart health, to restoring your vitality and energy.

The reason that this dedicated physician has spent his life developing these products is so that osteoporosis, heart disease, aging, dementia, obesity, and cancer and so many other life-altering immune deficiency disorders can be prevented.

“So, I firmly believe that people can age with power and health. The best years of my life are now!” said Dr. Tai. “I can’t help my family now, but I can reach out to others to share my pearls of wisdom to be healthy and stay healthy.”


How young do you feel?

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