A lot of you have probably heard of different makeup subscriptions boxes/bags that you could join. Some of them being Ipsy or Glossybox. However, like these they are hard to get a hold of; either because they are way too expensive or because they do not ship to your country. 

I live in Malta and the only two subscriptions that I found that were worth a try were Lip Monthly and Sweet Sparkle. This post will be dedicated to my thoughts on the Sweet Sparkle subscription box. 

First off, the box will include a whole makeup look worth of products. I think that this was the thing that attracted me mostly to it. I mean here I am buying a box full of products that can help me in building a whole new look. Granted that foundation, concealer, setting powder and eyebrow products are not provided, as those would require the subscription box to know your specific shade.

What attracted me more to subscribing to this box (besides it shipping to Malta) was that I would get to try out makeup products that are American such as Wet n' Wild, Jordana and City Color. These brands are hard to get in Malta, therefore it would be a perfect place to get these products from; even though I will not necessarily be choosing the product and specific shade myself. 

The box is shipped out a few days after you pay the subscription fee. There are three subscription methods which you can follow. I personally opted for the monthly subscription where I pay $24.50 a month. Oh, and I forgot to mention - shipping is absolutely free!

Every month the box would have a theme that it would follow. This month's theme was - Shades of Fall. I personally love fall and the colours it brings with it, so I was excited to see what I was going to receive. 

In all I received 7 items this month which I personally think is a bargain for only $25! Yes, they are all drugstore and yes it is a risk as you would not know what products you will be receiving but I think with this box, the risk was worth it. 

Miss Adoro Blending Sponge

Nonetheless, the first thing I tried was a beauty sponge as that is what came into my hands first. It was by Miss Adoro, a brand I have never heard of before! 

Miss Adoro Blending Sponge

The sponge was an utter disapointment. It did not blend my foundation well even though it was a liquid foundation. Now, this could be because I did not wet it well but the case remains that I still had to use a brush to blend out my foundation for a natural finish which we all want to achieve. 

So the box did not have the best start. However, then I tried out the eyeshadow palette from a brand called City Color. First off, the shades were beautiful. There were nudes, browns and greys. I found the shadows to be pigmented and include glitter specs.

The palette doesn't include any matte shades which I found odd because when I think of fall I think of matte shadows. But I still created a look which I was happy with. The colour pay off worked well and overall it is a good drugstore eyeshadow palette. It is also a palette that is perfect to take with you when going on holiday; it is so small, sleek and light. 

My favourite two products had to be the liquid eyeliner and mascara. The eyeliner was from Jordana and I was so surprised by the way it performed. I usually don't like pen liquid eyeliners as I feel that you have to go over and over the eyeliner to create a non patchy lined look. Even though, with this one I still had to go over it 2 or 3 times, I loved the finished look.

The mascara was from a brand Milani, that I have tried out before. It lengthens the lashes and does not clump them. The wand is shaped evenly, just like your basic wand. It does not transfer onto your eyelids which is something to be happy about! Don't you hate it when your mascara transfers up onto your eyelid? 

The blush was from Wet n'Wild which I was so excited to try out. I know a lot of famous youtubers mention this brand, so I felt very lucky receiving this. Yet, I did not like the colour we received the blush in as it was more of a deep dark orange shade. I am more of a pink blush girl. However, I love the colour pay off on my cheeks and I guess the colour is ideal with the theme of the month. 

The highlight palette -Duo Highlighter - I received was a bit of a disappointment. It was from Nicka K New York, another brand that I never had heard of. Firstly, one shade is a chalky white and the other is a nude that barely shows. I tried the palette by using both shades together and the effect that it created was a light highlight that was dainty on the skin. I guess it is a perfect product for those who don't want to glow and beam!

The final item in the box was a lipstick. And I love lip products, am basically a lipstick junkie. The lipstick we received was from Rude cosmetics and it was a matte lipstick in the shade Swank. 

Now when comparing it to the card that we receive which has a model using the makeup products in the box, the lipstick shade she has on is surely not the same one. On the card, the lip shade looks like a purple mauve but in reality the shade we received was of a peachy nude. I was not that impressed by the colour as I have others like it in my makeup collection. But I guess it is a cute colour to have in one's collection. 

If I had to rate the box out of 10 I would give it an 8 for sure!

Therefore, in my eyes the box is worth it. You do have to understand that with any subscriptions a risk is there. You never know what you are receiving but sometimes they pay off. I do believe that this box paid off and I am looking forward to the next box. 

I also would like to add that the person behind it is very reliable. I was worried as my box was taking long to arrive so I used the contact us feature on the website. I received a reply within a day. Anny the person who replied was very helpful. I do think that it is a great first makeup subscription box to subscribe to!

You could check out all the subscription fees and further information from their website - http://www.sweetsparkle.com

Also, if you would like you can check out my youtube video link where I do a video on the box and show you how the products actually test out -

What do you think? Have I made you curious to go check out the Sweet Sparkle website? Will you be subscribing and getting excited for the next box? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I wish you a pleasant day!



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