Going into the weekend, one of my Facebook friends quipped, ""Life or death blizzard," Shoppers ransack grocery stores," "Stop killer robots before it's too late," "Thousands of birds found dead along Alaskan shoreline," "Serious birth defects at record levels." No folks, not the end of days, just a normal Friday in the world of headlines. I don't know where we get the courage to leave the house.....". I can just hear my friend Leslie stubbing out a smoke and taking a long pull of a cocktail before belting out this one liner across a crowded bar full of Tewksbury locals in her inebriated Boston brogue.  If it wasn't so funny it would have been scarey.

You know when the Boston-Strong elites are scared, something is amiss. These people fight battles to the death over “paHking” spot holders in their underwear in February. It's not the land of the faint of heart. But even the Patriots seemed off their game this weekend against Denver. All is NOT right in the world.

Im lucky enough to be in the sweet spot of the Country this winter in East Carolina where the sun and saltwater soaked Southern charm even seems to be chilled by the latest Ice Storm. The sweet tea and Barbecue can't ward off these winter doldrums and even here a dull haze of uneasiness is wafting over the Southern Pines and Spanish moss.

Mondays at the end of January are bad enough, but when the Country seems perched on the edge of oblivion its down right depressing.

What we need is a collective long soak in some salty water and a few hours of sunshine on our face to bring us back from these winter blues, but spring break is still several weeks off. What to do?

I wish I had the answer, but I'm struggling with every word this morning to get something coherent on the screen. This is the winter of our discontent.

My Dad who once was to all accounts the most ardent of New England souls, told me, "Count the Winters, they last longer"But his Eastern European take on things could drive even the most optimistic of souls to drown their sorrows in a bottle of Jack Daniels. Winter sucks and this one has a darkness that can't easily be matched, even if we are in a warming trend and El Nino is still wreaking havoc.

Fun seekers I don't know what to tell you, between the pending End of Days and the winter funk, I am afraid the Blahs are here to stay for a few more weeks so please hang in there, it will get better. I hope.

The Vernal Equinox happens at 4:13 AM on March 20 this year. Lent begins in two weeks. Mardis Gras is on Feb 9 and Easter is March 27. We just have to get through a couple more weeks of this and things should begin to look up. Hey we even will get some clear view of the future on Feb 1 when the primaries start up and maybe we can start to move on from the doomsday predictors when the voters start airing their grievances at the polls. Better days are right ahead so take heart and chin up.

My suggestion, get a good book, put on a pot of your favorite comfort food, close the curtains, and climb in bed. Get your most loyal fur baby to cuddle up and take a good long nap together. The Bears got it right, when the winter blahs kick in, best bet is to hibernate and wait for Spring to return.

While the world may be seeming to go to hell in a hand basket, we can take heart in one absolute, the Sun will come out tomorrow, thank you Little Orphan Annie. It may cook us to a fine well done with no atmosphere and the Oceans may burn our flesh from  our bones due to acidification,  but at least the Sun isn't burning out any time soon and if we are gonna be ushered into the end of the days, we can look our best with a tan.

Sorry if this sounds too depressing on a Monday. It's the best I can muster with this shroud of uncertainty hanging above my head. But maybe we can take a page from the Russians, who know all too well that Winter is a soul crushing fixture in the Human experience and maybe the next great Tragedy will be written by some gray-clouded author who sits with us in this state of despair.  

I'll see you later, to quote the Immortal Jimmy Buffett, "It's 20 degrees and the hockey games on.....I gotta go where its warm."

Published by Christopher Richard