Admit it. What do you see as perfect? Is there anything perfect, and if it was how would you know? Who are we as imperfect humans, capable of knowing anything as perfect, when we see with imperfect vision? 


Arriving at the possibility that everything is perfect as it is, might be a startling revelation to many, or in fact most. It begins with the mindset in the first instance as to whether or not you believe in a divine creator. There’s a pretty good file of scientific evidence that would dispute the “accident” theory many would prefer to embrace.


How could anything be perfect that was an accident in the first place? I’m curious if anyone can provide data of an accident producing something perfect? There again comes the distinction of an imperfect human or humans, declaring anything perfect, which they have no idea what that is.


So the declaration of Buddha seems to be as close to perfect in it’s declaration as it can get.

I love being imperfectly perfect! I am exactly what I am supposed to be. Any idea someone else has of all the what's, who's or how's about this life of mine is just no concern for me at all. There was a time thinking was like that, until I wised up. Noone has the power to create me, which denies everyone any right to determine my value. 


Being a piece of all that is perfect and knowing that, is all that matters. How's that for being free!

Published by Alan Jarrett