This is a question I find myself asking a lot, especially since recently I have really gotten into buying collectable and displayable items.

The simple answer that I have come to terms with is yes, these things I keep buying are in no way essential and I simply buy them because I want them.

I would not say I buy them because I am concerned about how people view me, do I care if people think I have a bunch of useless stuff. No.

They act as a very personal form of self expression, they allow me to express myself the same way clothes and music do.

However it is on a much more personal level, when you buy nice clothes or jewellery you want people to notice the effort you make.

Yes I dress the way I do because I like it, but on some level we all care about how people perceive us especially when we put the added effort in to look nice.

However when you buy miscellaneous items just for decoration and collection this goes pretty much out the window.

Of course you want your house, apartment, room to look nice for when people visit, but really it is the place you spend your time and you decorate mainly for yourself.

I think this allows you to truly be your real self and express yourself without fear of judgement as it is your own special place.

I do think it is materialistic, but I also think it is healthy to have a place where you feel safe and truly at home. Having all these useless things that relate to your hobbies and interests give you this sense of security.

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Published by Anthony Wolny