Click click click! Are you noticing some new sound coming from your car? Do not ignore them by turning up the music. Well, you should know that when your car starts making new sounds, then it is time to understand that your vehicle is giving a warning sign. And, you have to do something about it if you do not want to put your life at risk and others around you. Here, I am giving you some pro tips on reducing car noises and maintaining smooth drive in your car.

Image source: pixabay

Car running hot- A car running hot in summers can be really disturbing. To avoid this situation, keep checking the water. Also, check the radiator and/or replace it if needed. Pressure test of the cooling system is also necessary. May be there would be a need of replacing a hose, cap, or radiator.

Squealing noise that goes away after the speed about 50-60km- Check the bolts if they are worn, as it might be the time to replace them. If they are not worn, there might be too much slack. You can check the bolt and tighten it to stop the noise. Replace the bolts if they keep loosening.

Smell hot/burning oil- There might be an oil leakage in your car that is causing a rough drive. Keep checking the oil level, oil leak, and if the head is blown.

Clicking noises- Yes, this is the noise I talked about in the first line. A click click click noise is usually a cv shaft. Take your car to a mechanic to replace the cv shafts or the outer joints of cv.

Click click with grinding- cv driveshaft is the problem here. The outer and inner cv joints need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Car using more fuel than usual- Air filters may need to be cleaned or replaced, If the problem persists, then consider replacing the fuel filter.

Squealing when hitting the break- It seems you do not pay a proper attention towards cleaning your car. Go and wash it, especially around the wheels. Start the car and tab the breaks a bit and go for a drive. See if the squealing is still there. If yes, then visit the mechanic.

Squealing when hitting the break part-II- Your car’s brake pads might be having some problem and need replacement, and/or rotors may need to be repaired, so that they offer a smooth flat surface for a new set of pads. Note: disc brakes come with a minimum thickness and they can be machined instead of buying a new set if there is still room.

Harsh ride feeling- If you are not comfortable in driving your car and it feels like you are rather in a boat, then check the quality of the tyres. Check their air pressure and check the shock absorbers as well.

A metal sounding squeal when hitting the brake- It is time to replace your car pads and rotors. Your car’s pad has worn out and now metal black plate of the brake pad is getting in contact with the disc rotor that probably be resulting in the damage of the rotor; and now you are putting your life at risk. Replace the pads and rotors right away.

My suggestion is to always get your car checked before a small issue turns into a big one and cost you hundreds or even more precious thing- your life. Whether it is tyres, air filters, fluid oil, or any other auto parts, you can easily buy them from a trusted auto spare parts supplier. So, take care of yourself and your car!

Published by Shiva Kushwaha