A big question still lies over the security of many companies’ network security. It is mostly smaller companies that are the ones at risk as their budgets do not always cover the huge costs that a financial company like say HSBC would pay. It isn’t only the internal network of a company that is at risk either. You must also consider those that are using their laptops to access company data via internet routers that are not protected by the company’s highly encrypted firewall software and network security.

Even HSBC has to warn its employees of the dangers of using their laptop or work phone while not in the office. These organizations go as far as having their human resources departments provide training sessions on how they should approach cybersecurity and avoid dangerous situations that could put their computer at risk.

Obviously, anti-virus software and spyware programs go a long way to erasing any bots or unwanted virus files that manage to make their way into a company laptop. For the most part, anti-virus companies are extremely good at what they do with entire research teams designated for discovering new viruses or new versions of viruses.

All this is very well. Safety and security within the company network and anti-virus software stopping those intrusive viruses using device resources and capturing data to be sent to an IP.

Where Are the Dangers Today?

 It is amazing how far people will go to steal the data from your computer. Some even put min cameras above public spaces or coffee shops to see you type in your password. At the same time, if someone is connected to the router, then it easy to capture data by locking onto to the internet connection and finding access points on the device or even seeing the user’s sessions in real time.

You can imagine what this means. The camera trick means they can zoom in on your password when you type it in while someone is tasked with reliving you of that laptop as a pickpocket would steal your wallet without you even noticing.

For those that can see your internet session, well this is also risky business because if they capture the right information (valuable information), then they can use this to gain access to business files that can be sold for a price to the competition. These tactics are in fact very common Europe and the USA even though people do not suspect anyone would take the time to mastermind such a plan.

What Should You Do About It?

Using your own smartphones WiFi hotspot instead of the hotspot of a café or bar you don’t know is one way to connect your laptop to the internet. If it is your phone that you are using, then make sure you have a VPN installed on it. Also, when using your browser sue the navigazione in incognito mode, so your browser sessions or internet history is not recorded. If your laptop does get stolen or lost, you are leaving anyone that gains access to your computer with very little information.

Also, clear your internet history regularly. It might be a pain not have the sites you looked at before immediately available or not being able to find that cool site you again that you were looking at the other day, but it is better than having the data stolen or giving anyone with access to your computer the upper hand.

Published by Mohsin Ahsan