Hey gorgeous!

Today’s post is one that I’ve been working on for quite some time now. I’ve been considering the way I wanted to word this and I’ve decided that beating around the words that are slipping into my mind would make this post bland. So let’s be honest and clear and raw with each other. *Que the mini rant.*

The other day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed. The usual. Double tap, scroll. Double tap, scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Wait. WHAT. I came across a post from a well-known, plenty followed, adult female role model. (This woman is known for her yummy recipes, workout routines, fitness inspirations, etc.) For a second, I actually thought she might have been hacked. But to my surprise, she wrote and posted every encouraging word. “Want to lose belly fat, fast? Try this trick! Apply lotion to your stomach. Wrap plastic wrap around your waist. Proceed to do a high intensity workout. The results will fly in!” The image posted above the caption was a thin woman’s waistline with a measuring tape. The measuring tape measured 19 inches. (The average US woman has a waistline measurement between 20-29.)

First thing’s first. You’re beautiful regardless of your body composition. You were made to be strong individuals with healthy bodies and minds. Please don’t ever try an extreme tactic like this to change your body composition. This tactic, along with many others, and extreme dieting is considered self harm. These tactics and diets are frauds!! Diet pills? Fraud. Plastic wraps? Fraud. Military Diet? Fraud. Extreme Dieting (dangerously low caloric intake)? Fraud. Fraud. Fraud. If you aren’t happy with your health or body composition, the first thing you need is patience. Have the patience to take the journey properly, and enjoy it. Take the time to do your research and learn about what foods you should be putting into your body. Learn about which nutrients your body needs to thrive. Take an hour out of your day to exercise a little more than usual. Eat whole, nutrient dense foods. Start making your own meals rather than eating out so often.

The difference between these two tactics is that one is perfectly healthy, and one is absolutely not. Be smart when it comes to making a diet and lifestyle choices. Hire a nutrition coach if you’re unsure of what you should be eating daily. Have your diet calculated right down to the macro and micronutrients! It may take longer to see results, but it’s worth the wait. You will feel better with every day of a living a healthier lifestyle knowing that you earned it. And the best part? You’ll change your habits of eating junk and craving sweets!! You won’t just feel good temporarily, you’ll feel good permanently; inside and out. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?😉

Published by Alicia Blaine