lumbar lordosis

Sincerely, growing up I always envied girls that looked like the lumbar lordosis guy in the illustration  below.

lumbar lordosis

I remember having a conversation with a cousin of mine. It went something like “you already have shape at this our young age, you would be sooooo hot by the time we are adults.” Little did I know she had lumbar lordosis.

Lordosis is a medical condition also known as sway back . It’s a condition in which the spine in the back has excessive curvature.  People with swayback appear to be sticking out their stomachs and buttocks. In addition, people with this condition are more prone to low back pain later in life.

Lordosis as defined by Oxford dictionary, is the excessive inward curvature of the spine.  According to Medical dictionary, lordosis [lor-do´sis] is

  1. the anterior concavity in the curvature of the lumbar and cervical spine as viewed from the side.
  2. abnormal increase in this curvature. See also kyphosis and scoliosis. adj., adj lordot´ic.

The easiest way to check for lordosis is to lie on your back on a hard surface. You should be able to slide your hand under your lower back, with little space to spare. If you have lordosis, you will have extra space between your hand and your low back.

lumbar lordosis
Lordosis could be of an unknown origin in children or could be as a result of poor posture, obesity , weak bones (known as osteoporosis etc) . It could be corrected with the help of a medical practitioner especially a Physical therapist .

So when next you see someone, especially females, with a visible C – spinal shape , they have sway back and are not curvy as I innocently thought .

P:S.: Carry out the lumbar lordosis test at your convenience.

Disclaimer: This information has no intention of replacing professional advice.

Published by Adaora Uduchukwu