Is your God alive? If your answer is yes, prove it. We Christians claim that God is alive, that He is still involved in our lives. We pray, worship, glorify and speak about His wonders. We believe the Bible to be the directly and divinely inspired word of God.  These ancient texts credit Him with creating the universe and everything in it to the inclusion of man. In these ancient writing, the authors ascribe to God miraculous abilities. Abilities to include the reshaping of the world as in the story of Moses.  The capacity to interact with humanity in a variety of ways.  He spoke with Moses one on one, by his spirit, he communicated with Abraham.  He used angels and prophets He even used a donkey.

We turn to the Bible to seek comfort, meaning and purpose in our lives. We dedicate our lives to the propagation of these beliefs.We try to live by the precepts outlined in His word

Yet, I ask you is your God alive? All of what I have mentioned can be attributed to education. We can be educated to believe falsehoods. People were taught to believe that the world was flat. People were trained to believe the earth was the center of the universe, that the sun orbited the earth. People are still being taught we evolved. We can be taught to believe anything. If it comes from people we esteem and recognize as experts in their fields, we tend to believe their conclusions.

There is a fundamental flaw with this model. Every advancement is based on the acceptance of prior information as being correct and without error. Which we know is factually impossible. The world is not flat. The sun does not orbit the earth. Humanity did not pop up out of nowhere. These experts we believe in are limited by their acceptance of prior information that may be in error and is most certainly incomplete.  To put it plainly there is more information about any given subject than anyone knows. What makes a difference is that we do not know which assumption is so wrong as to change the landscape of prior knowledge, as in the world being flat. No body of knowledge is exempt from of this reality. At any time someone may come up with a discovery that radically changes prior accepted theories.

So I ask you again is your God alive? If your answers is yes and you arrive at that conclusion based on education. The experts you esteem, and respect may be believing in a precept that is wrong. They may have been educated to believe that there is a God. Their whole premise might have been built on an acceptance of a flawed model. This is important because a God that is based on the rational conclusion of an educated mind is subject to a yet unknown reality that will change everything.

Is my God alive? Yes, is my answer. Yes, I have been educated to believe there is a God. Moreover, I have been taught to believe in precepts about God that are wrong. I also know that there are expert theologians that are still teachings ideologies that are wrong. I also know that there are biblical experts that are perverting the word of God to fit their worldly model. You might ask me, why then do you believe in God?

It comes down to one thing, relationship. I believe in God because He is real. I have experienced His presence just as I have experienced the presence of any other person. He takes up space, physical space, He has a voice. He has emotions, He feels, hurts, loves and has passion. He has a spirit, a mind, intellect, and reason. He possesses all the attributes of man plus one; he is perfect.

The determining factor of my belief is relationship, my relationship with him. It is an ongoing personal relationship much like a father and his child. He is the one I can call daddy, and He responds, he is the one that I can turn to, and He will uplift me. He is my constant rock that will not leave me. He is more existent than the land I walk on for He created the land. He is extant.

If your God is alive as mine is  you have to have a story share it.
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Published by Ruben Figueroa