One can tell how savory and spicy a meal is

By the aroma it releases;

You can recognize your favorite ingredient or otherwise;

                                                By just sniffing the air;      

And you decide if you would enjoy the meal or not.

One can choose to keep an open mind;

Sometimes it pays off;

Other times, one is filled with disappointment and regret.


We all have our aura;

Some exude elegance;

Whiles others are grossly uncouth;

Some have the appeal of pleasantness;

Others reek of ill-natured disposition;

Some are humble;

Some can be seen as proud and haughty;

Some lovable, others barely tolerable;

Our attitude and disposition are aromatic;

And most people can sense it right.



Smelling good and speaking foul;

Is just as repellent as smelling terrible.

Playing nice with people whiles thinking ill of them;

Is like holding in gas and hoping no one would notice;

Cause sooner or later, it will show;

And people will discover the real you;


Just as wine connoisseurs can tell a wine’s quality

By merely smelling it;

Sharp observers can infer who we are;

By how we carry ourselves about;

It could be a look, comment or gesture;

You would like people to have pleasant thoughts of you;

After you’ve parted ways, wouldn’t you?

Then check your aroma.


Just as the aroma of a dish goes a long way;

In how much it is enjoyed;

We can only enjoy the relationships we forge;

When we put on the right attitude;

And exude goodness, loyalty and trust;

It’s what will make people want to reciprocate these qualities;

Even if it is foreign to them;

Because in order to expect from another,

You first must be portraying it.


What’s your fragrance like?

What’s the first three things people think of;

At the thought of you?

Funny, sweet, goodhearted;

Or mean, bitter and vindictive?


What’s the first impression you create in the minds of others?

Some might get it wrong, of course;

But everyone can’t be mistaken;


As you spray your cologne or perfume before you step out;

Make sure your aroma is sweet-smelling as well.


© Josephine Amoako 2016








Published by Josephine