Muhammad was born in 570 ad in Mekka. At that time Mekka was a polytheistic place of worship, several gods received sacrifice and worship in Kaba. One of those gods was a god named allah and that god had three daughters.

Muhammad was a very religious man who soon grow tired of the polytheistic worship in Mekka. He worked as a camel driver on the trade routes, and during his many travels, he came into contact with christians who presented to him the Bible. The idea of God being 1 God who expresses Himself in the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit interested Muhammad so much that he at a time was about to become a christian. The christian faith was the total opposite of what Muhammad was used to in Mekka, so this turned out to be something new and exiting for him. For the years that followed, Muhammad studied the christian holy scriptures and at one point, it seems like he became a christian.

His newfound faith would not last long. In 609 Ad Muhammad came into contact with a group of christian heretics. They told Muhammad the God of the bible is not 1 God, instead they believed the heretic teaching that god is actually 3 gods and married to Mary. This resembled to much his old religious past in Mekka, so in his disappointment and rage he left his newfound faith.

Many people have no problem accepting the christian faith, they even find it interesting and fascinating. But if they are not grounded in the cross of Chris, they will soon be led astray when satan tempts them with heretic teachings. Muhammads example just goes to show how important it is to have the cross of Christ as the object of our faith. But it also goes to show how important it is to share our faith encouraging others to have the cross of Christ as the object of their faith. Our failure in making sure new converts understand the cross, and the importance of it, could result in a new Muhammad emerging creating a new sect. 

In 610 Ad we find Muhammad alone and almost starving in a cave. A lot happens at this time, he is visited by what he refers to as the angel Jibril. This is supposed to be the source of his revelations that later was gathered into the Quran. But an interesting thing happens when Muhammad receives these revelations. Jibril tells him the daughters of the god called allah deserved just as much worship and respect as allah himself. Muhammad takes this revelation and tells it to the other people in Mekka who begins the worship of allah and his 3 daughters. This is allowed to continue, but then all of the sudden, Muhammad changes his mind and recants from his previous instructions. 

So the man who received the quran made a mistake, and why did he make such a big mistake? Because he was just a normal sinful human being. This is in a sharp contrast to the writers of the Bible. People who never met, who did not know each other wrote down the word of God in the Bible. These people never spoke to each other, many of them lived 100 years or more apart. But still they agree on the central topic of the Bible, that God who made heaven and earth wants humans to be reconciled to Him through faith and not works. They also agree on the understanding of God, that God is 1 God who expresses Himself in 3 different ways. 

How was the quran gathered and written down? Muhammads revelations was first written down on pieces of stone and bone from animals. Caliph Abu Bakr was the first one to write down and gather all of Muhammads revelations into one Quran. And at one point there existed several versions of the quran which did not agree with each other. When Caliph Utman gained power he decided on which version would be the correct Quran. All other versions was destroyed and burned. 

How do we know that Caliph Utman had the correct one? What if one of the versions that was burned and destroyed was the real quran? And how can you trust Muhammad when he so easily made a mistake and told the people to worship allah and his three daughters?

This is in stark contrast to the gathering of the Bible. There are many versions of the Bible, but they all agree on one thing. Man is sinful and we deserve hell. God is into the rescue business and wants humans to be reconciled to Him through faith. The only Bible versions that does not exist today are those who was deemed heretics because they presented a totally different way of being reconciled to God, or a totally different god. 


So to sum it all up:

The quran is the gatherings of revelations given to Muhammad. Muhammad was once almost a christian, but he gave up on his newfound faith when confronted with heretics. So he did what every sect leader does, even in our day and age, he keeps what he can accept from the bible and builds his own sect founded on "revelations". 

Allah is a "god" who was able to conceive children, so he had three daugthers. At one point in time Muhammad told his followers to worship these three daughters. So Muhammad was not infallible.

At one point in time there existed several versions of the quran. They where all burned and destroyed when Caliph Utman gathered those versions he could approve of. Caliph Uthmans relatives had at one point in time been enemies of Muhammad when he went to war against the people of Mekka. 

So how do we know that Caliph Uthman could be trusted into gather the correct versions of the Quran? 

There are a lot of similarities between islam and christianity. These similarities can easily be explained due to Muhammads interest in christianity. We see the same thing happening today with people like Jim Jones. Sect leaders keep what they can accept from the bible and they erase and remove what they dont accept. They replace what they have removed with their own "revelations" and build a cult around them. 

Islam and christianity can both agree on one thing, humans have a tendency to sin. Islam believe children are born as muslims, with a natural desire to worship and obey allah. If you observe a child you will soon see he or she has no natural desire to worship their creator. They are only concerned with worshiping them and making sure their needs are met. This is what the bible calls the sin nature. 

And it is how islam understands the sin nature which is the big difference between christianity and islam. 

You dont have to be a christian to understand the sinfulness of humanity. Just turn on the six o clock news tonight, or watch children at play, and you will soon see how every human being are born with the opposite of what islam claims. We are born with the ability and desire to sin. We want to sin because its a part of the human nature for us. 

Humans have a desire to lie, to steal, to hate, to disrepect their parents, to worship idols, to covet. This is something we all have, regardless of our religion. And it is only christianity that provides the solution to this. 

Islam acknowledges human weakness, and humans inability to live as they should. But they believe we are able to gain righteousness by doing good deeds. Both religions believe in the prophet Abraham, but we christians know that Abraham was not considered righteous by God because of his works. His faith was what made him righteous. So Abraham himself said it is impossible for a man to achieve righteousness with God through works. 

Islam also believes allah forgave adam and eve. But what kind of forgiveness is it when you just forgive what has happened without demanding restitution?

If allah just forgives without demanding restitution he has to be an evil demon from hell that does not care about human suffering. Any "god" that is able to forgive lies, hates, murders, thefts, adultery without demanding restitution must be the devil himself unable to love anybody. 

You cant forgive without demanding restitution because the injured party is left without nothing when a "god" just forgives and does not demand restitution. 

The God of the Bible on the other hand demands restitution when we lie, hate, steal, kill, covet, commit adultery and worship idols. He demands restitution because it angers Him deeply when He sees how our actions hurt each other. it angers Him deeply when somebody is lied to, stolen from, the victim of adultery, murder, incest, rape, child abuse, drugs and so on. Injustice angers Him and He demands restitution because when we hurt our fellow man we are also hurting God. 

The God of the Bible demands this because He is love. His love makes Him demand restitution to ensure that love prevails. And the God of the Bible gives us two choices, we can make restitution by ourself by choosing to be judged by Him and end up in hell when we die. Or we can choose to be reconciled to Him through faith in what His Son Jesus Christ did for us at the cross. 

A muslim is basing his or her faith on a lie, a lie constructed by a man who once told his followers to worship 4 gods, allah and his 3 daughters. They are basing their faith on a lie, a lie constructed by a a man who once was on his way to become a christian, but left his newfound faith and formed his own cult. They are basing their faith on a lie, on a book constructed by a man who´s family once was the enemy of Muhammad and burned all other versions of the Quran.  A muslim is basing his or her faith on a lie, a lie telling them they can become righteous with God through works, something Abraham himself said was impossible. 

So why then would you choose to follow Muhammad the leader and founder of a cult?

If you do choose to live your life based on a lie, that lie will one day send you to hell after God has judged you for your sins. You dont have to go to hell because Jesus has already sacrificed Himself on your behalf. He allowed Himself to be judged by God for your sins. If you will do what Abraham did, and believe this to be true for you, you will be forgiven by God, you will be reconciled to God and you will have the righteousness of God. 

Published by Apostle Ernie