Muslim women have to follow a particular dress code because of the religion they follow. The Islam never allows their women to go out in public without covering their full body. But yes, the rules may vary depending on the countries.

There are certain options when it comes to Islamic dressing for ladies. Those who follow Islam cannot go beyond those dress options. At present there have been new cuts and designs incorporated in those varieties which can give woman a fashionable and stylish look.

Al Amira

This is a two piece veil. It also has a cap which is tightly fitted. These capes are mainly made from cotton and polyesters. Al Amira comes with a scarf that looks like a tube.


This is again a scarf which is long and rectangular in shape. It is majorly used by Muslim women who stay in the Gulf region. One has to wear or wrap this on their head and then they tuck it with the pin on their shoulders.


It is a type of veil which can cover the entire face of a woman but at the same time it keeps the eye portion clear or transparent. This helps the women wearing a Niqab to see things clearly. There are many women who wear them with another eye veil. If they want they can pair them up with a scarf of matching colour.


Hijab is what people commonly known as veils or scarves which are mainly worn on the head. It is mainly used by the Muslim women to cover their head. In fact, the word ‘hijab’ itself means ‘cover’. One can find different forms of hijab though. For Muslim women, wearing a hijab means showing a form of modesty. This has also become a part of their cultural practice.


This is a long floating cloak that can easily cover the entire body of a woman. One can also wrap it around their head and the best part is, it never hangs around the middle of the back. This goes straight till the toes of a woman. So, it can easily cover the entire body.


There is an outer garment for Muslim women as well. This is called jilbab. This is mainly worn by a Muslim woman when they are going out in public. But the style of this cloak is a bit different. It is more fitted than the abaya and it comes in varieties of colours and fabrics. This looks more like a long and tailored coat.


Last but not the least, this one is a loosely stretched robe which can be simple looking or can be gorgeously designed. The robe reaches till the ankle of the woman’s body and this one is mainly worn by the Arabic Muslim women. There are different cuts and styles available when it comes to abaya. One can go for choices here.

Muslim clothing for women has some other options too like Burqa and one can also find designed burqas these days.

Published by Jack Louis