Unfair “Hate-Labeling” For Acts of Defensive Expedience!


I read an interview recently featuring Malala Yousafzai speaking out about Donald Trump’s proposed total shutdown of Muslim immigrants entering the US. I want to say right up front I’m a HUGH admirer and respecter of Malala and I have no intention of criticizing her. I know she speaks from her incredibly courageous   heart. That being said, even the brave and noble can sometimes rush to judgement.  I think it’s important to give a couple of Malala’s statements particularly strong consideration since they carry weight with so many.

  1. “Well that’s really tragic that you hear these comments which are full of hatred, full of this ideology of being discriminative towards others”.

So…. does Donald Trump really hate Muslims and is he discriminating against them purely because of their religion?  What if it’s simply a matter of expedience. Let’s examine the facts.

  • There is much justification, in fact encouragement for violence against non-believers to be found in the Koran.

  • Most Muslims either don’t take it seriously or interpret it differently.

  • Most Muslims don’t believe it’s their duty to God to smite the infidel (that includes us) and be rewarded with virgins in the afterlife if they’re killed in the process.

  • Apparently some fundamentalist Muslims do feel they have a religious duty or obligation to commit violence against Christians, Jews and other non-believers.

  • Moderate, peace loving Muslims can in some cases be radicalized by charismatic fundamentalists and brain-washed into sacrificing themselves for the sake of killing as many infidels as possible.

  • Europe is now grappling with tragic and devastating religion inspired attacks at least partially as a result of mass Muslim immigration.


2.“If your intention is to stop terrorism, do not try to blame the whole population of Muslims for it because it cannot stop terrorists”.

I’m not sure by what stretch of the imagination anyone is blaming the entire Muslim population for terrorism. For starters, the only Muslims in question in this particular debate are those wanting to immigrate to the US. That’s not all Muslims by a far cry. Secondly, the only Muslims being blamed for anything are those extremist fanatics that feel compelled to strike a blow against the Great Satin (again, that would include us) or shoot innocent young women in the head for trying to get an education. I believe that most Americans, including Donald Trump, have no bone to pick with decent, non-violent Muslims who believe in “live and let live” as we do.

The bottom line is this: a little over a year ago a Taliban attack killed 134 innocent young students at a school in Pakistan. More recently we see attacks in Paris and Brussels with horribly tragic loss of life. In the US we already have “home grown” terrorist attacks (inspired by ISIS and other radical Islamist groups) to protect innocent citizens against. At what point does it become OK to discriminate against a religion that includes a small percentage of people bent on our destruction? Keeping in mind that the only manifestation of that discrimination is trying to prevent people from entering our country until they can be more thoroughly vetted so we can be as certain as possible they have no radical agenda and are unlikely to be indoctrinated into a culture of hatred toward western society.

My high regard for Malala is undiminished. I know it’s not always easy to see both sides of a situation. In the absence of any other solution it seems obvious we really have little choice in this matter. It’s not a position of our choosing and we did nothing intentionally to incur such wrath against us. Without extreme measures at this point we can easily end up with more attacks perpetrated against us and more unacceptable loss of innocent lives. Anyone that would condemn our actions as discriminatory should perhaps try to become a better student of human nature since that’s what is really at work here, not hatred.

We know that terrorist groups, particularly ISIS are good at using the internet to recruit and radicalize. We know that Muslims in our country are the most likely to become radicalized. We know that people, young men especially, become likely candidates when they feel marginalized in our society. It could be for any number of reasons including career dissatisfaction or even discontentment over relations with the opposite sex. The plain and simple fact is…… the more Muslims in the United States, the more potential recruits for terrorist organizations, the more would-be bombers and takers of innocent lives.

I’ve yet to hear any better ideas for how to keep us safe without a degree of what some may consider religious discrimination.

Published by Bill Hoover