Building a high-rise building has always been a fascination for we the humans. The urge to build big structures which are habitable, and which showcases excellence has been present in the society for thousands of years, the best example for the same is The Pyramid of Egypt. Now, this fascination has grown to such a level, that now we are able to build structures which literally touches the sky and you can observe clouds roaming around them. With each structure competing, there tends to be a rise in the height of the same every time a skyscraper is built. High Rise Building Maintenance has gained significance over the years. Now, this upsurge in high rise buildings has its own set of issues related to maintenance which are sometimes tricky to deal with.

Following are the Issues pertaining to High Rise Building Maintenance:

Fire Safety:

Fire safety in any building is crucial. What happens is that this issue amplifies with each successive story added to the building, thus high-rise building is more prone to getting this kind of issues multiplied. Any normal fire issues can’t be compared with the issues which a high-rise building has. Having so many floors, it is very important to have adequate measures to keep all the floors safe and sound. High Rise Building Maintenance for Fire Safety has become important.

Security Issue:

Whether the building is used as a commercial hub or as a residential one or a combination of both, security and safety of its occupant becomes very important and this issue increases with high rise building. So, it becomes important that a proper security team is deployed with all the necessary tools with them for maintaining proper security of the building. As this building as many hiding places for the burglars or criminal.  Thus, it becomes a costly affair for the occupants of the building as they have to pay the maintenance of the building.

High Operating Costs:

We all think that high rise buildings are so beautiful, and it stands so tall, but the fact of the matter is that maintaining those building is a costly affair to deal with. High Operating Cost is the first thing comes to the mind when you talk about high rise building maintenance. Anyone who is using the premises of building has to pay the maintenance of the building. Sometimes, it happens that occupants refuse to pay the maintenance and it can affect adversely for the funds allotted to maintaining it.

Elevator Maintenance Issue:

One of the most important parts of a high rise building maintenance is its elevator system, which helps people to go to different floors safely without any delay. Safe and Reliable elevator service is what is required in a high-rise building. Thus, elevator maintenance becomes really important. Imagine a situation wherein you have to reach to your office on 34th Floor and the elevator is shut down due to lack of proper maintenance. Now, you have no choice to take stairs and it can affect your health negatively. To such incidences to happen, elevator maintenance in certain time intervals is necessary, so that chances of complete shutdowns reduces.

Height Safety Issue:

High Rise Building is known for its height, and anything which is tall has its own personal sets of the problem that you have to deal with. Height Safety Issue is the biggest concern of the high-rise building authorities. Many controlling measures have to taken care off to make sure that the occupants and those who are working towards maintaining those buildings are safe and secured. Working in height is always risky and thus proper height safety measures should be taken cared off. Building a series of a system for rope access, rigging, etc., makes the maintenance work of the same easy. This height safety issues when done properly ensures a smooth process for high rise building maintenance. 

Published by Jack Louis