This was a total accident.

Sometime last year, I was given a free audiobook, Bats and Bones by Jeff Hickey. That was my first audiobook and it was amazing. The book, consisting of four short stories, had background music and voices for each character and story. You can read my full review here:

For this, I had to create an Audible account.I had a one-month free trial (which I didn’t use) and I totally forgot about it.

Until last month, when I learned about membership credits. I had four of them and Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us was on the top of my wishlist. I couldn’t find the paperback copy in India, so I bought the audiobook instead. But how in the world did I get those audiobook credits?

When my sister’s best friend had added his credit card to my Amazon account, somehow Audible caught hold of that information and started a Gold membership plan for my account, and it has billed him $14.95. I groaned in frustration and ignorance. I tried to cancel my membership but that meant I had to lose the 3 credits I had remaining. I bought three other books, which were one credit each (after four days of deliberation; I didn’t want to regret buying anything): Mr Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore, Where’d You Go, Bernadette? and Graffiti Moon. And I began listening to It Ends With Us.

There are certain books that you have to off of paper and some books or rather, stories, that you ought to listen to, simply to experience the story. It Ends With Us works both ways, because of the amazing writing and the powerful story. I listened to it on the way back from college (by bus) and whenever my dad came to pick me up, I groaned. I was only about two hours away from finishing it when I sat home one afternoon, all alone, with the TV on mute and listened to it without batting an eye. I was entranced: by the words; by the story; by the narrator’s vocal expressions (which made me all the more emotional). By the time I finished listening to the author’s notes, I was a mess of tears and gasping for air.

The book was had dark humour, and it talked about the more important issues of life and the world, like the state of homeless people, domestic abuse, societal hierarchy and the unfairness of it all through a heart wrenching story that will never leave from your head or your heart. The humour, even though I previously mentioned it was dark, somehow, it is full of life and makes the book come alive and at times, you crave for it.

It Ends With Us is a real life story inspired book and it has inspired me in ways that I cannot describe. I have always loved CoHo’s books but this was nowhere near her previously accomplished books. This is her best work so far and I’m waiting to see what else she’s going to give us in the near future.  


Published by Parinitha Prasanna