Recently I’ve been really surprised when I’d help someone I know with their PC… Turning out it was – 2 – which I helped with.

I’m NO IT expert, but in time you do learn a bit while you work with anything you come in Daily contact with.


That said, I had to download an Updated driver for a Printer running on the newer Operating system.

The last time I saw the size of the file I saw its actual size and knew it would take some time for this to download.

It was a few weeks or months back when last I saw this and only now;

Did I once more get ready to take on the task in helping…


Their LOCATION and connection speed is poor, to say the least.

SO, taking it upon myself – I downloaded it via their USB modem via my PC.

That didn’t work out so well, seeing STILL being at Home and Elevated – there was no way that I was able to connect to the Internet in downloading this Driver File.


Eventually, I loaded more Data onto my modem and started the Process at Acquiring this File.

STRANGELY, my modem was going well and I started to see some progress…

That was Until all the pages suddenly stopped and with the Connection active, the Download fell of the MAP!


The only other thing to do was finding another site to Download this file.

Mind you, when I spoke to one IT Specialist they told me – ALWAYS Download the biggest Driver File you can find as it would Encompass all the Software you’ll need to run whichever Program or Driver or Hardware you need to.

Okay… so I THOUGHT the Driver was 105 Meg which turned out to be 362 Meg and so –

Bigger and it would also take Longer in getting this Driver off the Internet!

That was a little bit of a Problem as I’d Downloaded just Over a 100 Meg when Everything went BUST!

Getting the Full File wouldn’t be so easy…


THE best you can do, find an Alternative site from where you can Download it.

Seeing the HP Site that also Host the Correct file is busy – the Manufactures for this Printer and seeing their Site is a little too busy; created the Issue.

Now then, I found another site which also Hosts the specific File…

HOPING it would be smaller, but that didn’t Happen!!!!!

But what did help,

The Downloading time decreased from at least a few hours to LESS than an hour.


AT last, I had the File and there was No initial indication that there would be a problem with the Downloaded file.

That helps so much as I wasn’t in the Mood to once more play Research Detective in finding the correct File and a better place to Download it from.



I drove to them and loaded the File Onto the Laptop to use the very same Printer…




For me, it took and Installed correctly.

Even the Test Page printed Correctly – showing me that all the Colours were working together!

I set the PC up and installed the File there as well…

No need to print a second Test Page as the Printer was functioning correctly.


BUT, when I got home.

I tried once more Connecting to the Internet with my Own Modem;

Their Modem’s Software didn’t want to Uninstall and My Modem program wasn’t Initializing –

SO, even if you want to help others – be sure that with Computers,

You NEVER know how full of Crap they can turn out to be!


Cannot connect my Samsung with my PC either.

So, I’ve had to Edit the last pages of my Novel and then;


BRILLIANTLY, reboot my PC from the get go!


The Conflicting Issues with our IT buddies…

Published by Cobus Vermeulen