What is it to be free? It is something you will never understand. You haven't gotten a freedom yet. 
   Every single individual in this world has a right to build his life how he wants. Unfortunately, it is not working like this. On the period of your growth, you are receiving certain life knowledge from parents and members of your family. Moreover, teachers and friends, society and external people also bring some information into your life. When you are a child, you are not focusing on such an important thing like freedom. However, you are getting annoyed, when people tell you to do something you don't want to. It is ok. You still have to follow these rules. You need to have enough knowledge and experience to ask questions, like: 
Can it be different? 
Can I live differently? 
Can I change it? 
   I remember, when I was younger. I was living with my parents. I didn’t like their way of living. I didn't like that for them an opinion of the society is more important than happiness and freedom. I didn't like that they are putting stupid cultural rules on top of everything. I don't like it even today. But, I cannot change it. They don't want to change. 
   I was 17. I have moved away and started to live alone. It has been a step forward to an understanding of a free will. A new way of living has shown me that my life can be different. I can be different. The environment and people around are more suitable for me than back home. After half a year, I came back for a couple of months. My realization of life was much clearer. I've started to understand how I want to build my life. But, I couldn't do it over here. That's why I was counting days until I'm going to leave again. And it finally happened. My way of living has started to be very different compared to life back home. I like it that way. Until today, I have made many mistakes and got hurt a lot of times. But every single time, I've learned a new lesson. I have been free to do it. 
   On the other hand, here is one paradox. Every time I come back home, my life is becoming different again. And I feel like, I am a fake person. I am not 100% free. There is a reason for that. I don't want my parents to be hurt. And they will be hurt. They won't understand it. But the most important is that the society will judge me. And I hate it so much, but as I have mentioned before, I cannot change their way of thinking. 
   Some people will continue telling you that you have to live and think in certain ways. They like to be involved in others' lives. It happens because they are not satisfied and happy. Happy people with a competely suitable for them life would never involved themselves into something like this. They are going to tell you that you have to move hand by hand with the society. You have to follow their rules. However, if you don't want to, you don't have to. In this case, are you going to be free? 
Unfortunately, I am not sure. I don't think that you would be able to live in freedom. Something or someone will always stop you. If not, you will suffer from judgments and hate. In this case, my suggestion is: find a right environment and people for whom you are going to be normal and who will never judge you. The most important, you have to be 100% ready for any circumstances of your decisions. You have to fight back and don't care. You have to put your freedom in priority of anything else. Are you going to be happy? I don't know. But, you will be free. It is the most important, isn't it? 

Published by Madi Di