How do you know it is wrong to steal from someobdy? The laws in your nation says theft is wrong, and if you decide to do it anyway you will have to suffer the consequences. Your government reserves the right to punish every attempt to break their laws. If the law had not existed you would never have known it is wrong to steal, so it is benefical for us to have the law so we can know what is right and what is wrong.


Gods law, the 10 commandments, serves as guide to righteousness. A person who has lived all his life by the 10 commandments would be considered righteous by God. But it also lets us know what God considers to be wrong. (Gal 3:19 ) If you where to take an honest look at your own life, you would soon see how you failed to fulfill the law. (Rom 3:10) All humans living on this earth today has broken Gods law in one way or the other, and that makes us guilty. But it also gives God the legal right to inflict punishment for breaking His law. (Rom 3:10)


This should not be difficult for us to understand considering our own society is built on the idea that breaking a law will give the law giver legal right to punish you. The punishment for breaking Gods law is an eternity in hell. Hell is a real place, the Lord has allowed me to see it with my own eyes. It is a terrible place, but we all deserve to go to hell because we have all broken Gods law. But there is a solution, we dont have to go to hell when we die if we dont want to.


When Abraham was justified by God, God considered him to be righteous because of his faith and trust in Gods word. Abraham was just as much a sinner as you and I, so he also deserved hell when he died. But he didnt go to hell, instead he was considered righteous by God because of his faith and was allowed to follow Jesus into heaven after the cross. (Gal 3:6)


God has always justified men because of their faith and never because of their actions. So when God gave the 10 commandments it was not so we could live by them. God never intended for us to live by the 10 commandments, simply because it is humanly impossible to live by the 10 commandments. He gave us the 10 commandments so we could see how much we needed to be justified by faith. We can only understand our need for justification by faith when we understand our inability and failure to be righteous by law.


We know that Abraham was justified because he believed God. But what did he believe? What did God tell him? He promised Abraham that one day Jesus would be born and specifically that Jesus would be born in Abrahams lineage. So Abraham was justified and deemed righteous by God because he believed in what Jesus would do on the cross for his sins.


Jesus Christ was the first and last human being who has been able to keep the 10 commandments and the rest of Gods law all His life. He never sinned, therfore he was and still is perfect in every way. To atone for the sins of humanity God could only accept a sinless human sacrifice. A human who had never sinned in his life was the only one who could atone for the sins of humanity. So when Jesus died on that cross He was this perfect sacrifice, and His sinless blood was able to pay what we owe to God.


We already know that it is impossible for humans to be righteous by law. It is 100% impossible for us to live our life after the 10 commandments. If we try, we will fail each and every time. So we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are guilty. We deserve hell. But we also know that God has said it is possible to be forgiven and be righteous by faith.


So we cant go back in time and undo our sins, and we cant stop ourself from sinning. So our debt to God will just increase, and increase and increase. But we can choose to do what Abraham did and that is to believe in what Jesus has already done for us. If we choose to believe that Jesus died for our sins we will be forgiven and righteous in the eyes of God. We will also become sons and daughters of God, hairs to the Kingdom and hairs to all the promises in the Bible. In addition to this, we will be given the Holy Spirit that will come and take up residence in us. So God Himself will come and live inside of us, just because we choose to believe that Jesus died for us. (Gal 3:2-5, 2:16-20)


Being an hair to the Kingdom, a son or a daughter of God is something we become only because of our faith in Jesus and what He did for us at the cross. That is also the only way to continue to be a son or a daughter of God. We are to live as christians focused on one thing, and one thing only, that Jesus died for us and His blood payed for our sins. That is the only way to victory over sin, the world and the devil.


If we at any time chooses to believe there is another way to victory over sin, the world and the devil, the Bible says we will then be cursed by God. It doesnt matter what it is, it is only one thing that saves you and gives you victory in life and that is the blood of Jesus Christ.

So dont be cursed by God, choose to believe in Jesus dying for you on a cross.


We also have another group in the church that says we have to make sure we live by the 10 commandments after salvation. This group is doing the same thing as the other group. They believe we are able to live after the 10 commandments just because we are saved. They are equally cursed, because it is impossible for us to live by the 10 commandments. (Gal 5:4, 2:18, 2:21, 3:2-5)


So what are we to do? Are we not to live by the 10 commandments? Holiness is important, and we are called to live a holy life. But holiness is only achieved through our decision to make the cross and the blood of Jesus the focus of our life. We are able to live a holy life only because of our faith and love for the blood of Christ and the cross of Christ.


So dont be seduced dear reader into accepting a lie that will eventually curse you. Choose to love Jesus, His blood, His death and you will see victory in your life. The Bible guarantees it.  

Published by Apostle Ernie