Once a year, the good witch goes away, and the bad witch comes out to play!

I am the witch, and I am willing to face my fears as I choose the adventure of my true life.  

First of all, I am going to enter into my garage and begin the preparation of moving by cleaning out the garage…maybe good, maybe bad, but whatever, I will face it.

Then, I am going to dress up in costume–and I hate costumes, but I will face my fear!  

And, when in costume, I will don my red cowgirl hat and go off to party, party, party!  Rarely do I party because I just do not fit in the cocktail, unhealthy food, make small talk mode!  BUT…

Because tonight is game four of the World Series with the Cleveland Indians in the lead, I will drink, I will eat, and I will find my soul watching the game with everyone else.

Yes, the Bad Witch can come out to play because it is my weekend!

Published by Janice Marie