It was a beautiful night, so we thought.  How could a great evening of fun turn so bad? Let me start from the beginning. It was Monday, sunny, and a scorching 105 degrees.  My crew and I spent a day at the lake.  We took the boat out, soaked up some sun, and had an eventful summer day.  I mean you can just imagine the picture perfect day with friends on the water. Bikinis, booze, and babes, what more can you ask for?  After a long day we continued to go home and continue the party.  That is when everything went so bad so quickly. A group of kids down the street were also having a party.  Four of them got into a car.  All of a sudden we were a screech and then a loud crash.  We ran outside to a car smashed into a tree on the neighbors lawn.  They were all safe but they were freaking out.  The police arrived and soon it was a party on the street, not the good kind.  The driver was underage with one beer in his system, but that is no excuse. It was chaotic, it was emotional, and it was a long night.  All we can do at this point, is move forward.  Move forward, hoping for a better tomorrow. 
On top of that, I had a huge fight with a boy.  It was the worst timing.  The story will continue after I meet up with him to talk everything out. 

Published by Lauren Emi