Today I want to talk about It's a 10 miracle leave in for blondes.As you can tell from its name, it claims to do 10 different things. 

Its claims are:

1. Tones hair color. 

2. Enhances brilliance. 

3. Reduces fading/exttendes vibrancy. 

4. Adds shine & restores moisture.

5. Restores elasticity. 

6. Detangles and defrizzes. 

7. Seals the cuticle. 

8. Thermal protector.

9. UV  protectant. 

10. Designed for all blondes. 

I can say it does make my hair really soft! And the color is very vibrant and no longer dull. And the tone is way better! I love that! I do notice my hair is not frizzy and is more shiny when I use this. It is a bit pricey ($18.96 at Ulta & Ulta.com). That I would say is the only downside to it. Other then the price I really like it.    I also like that it is for all blondes. Plus I'll take anything that protects against heat and UV rays. Lastly, I'll take anything that will protect and prolong my blonde hair in between appointments. 

   -Amber Renee 💕


Published by Amber Renee