Happy Independence Day everyone!

Originally I was going to fly up to see my husband but at the last minute we decided he'd come down here to visit and hang out. On Saturday we went to Nexus to pick up the CZ Scorpion EVO he's been waiting for for months now. And of course we had to go to Okeechobee Shooting Sports to give it a whirl. What better way to celebrate the independence of America than to go to a range and shoot paper?

In addition to the CZ Scorpion, I was really excited to take my MK12 out again. Since I built it I've only taken it out to the range once—terrible on my part. Usually I focus so much on shooting the PPQ at the range that I forget or don't "feel like" packing the AR. That will change though; going out there this weekend has me excited for the next time I get to shoot.

On this visit to OK Shooting, we spent a lot less time zero-ing it in so I enjoyed the rifle more than I did previously. I never did get to write a post about it, but the first time I brought it with me to shoot we spent so many rounds just trying to figure out where I was hitting. Thankfully that paid off and this weekend with a few minor tweaks here and there, we were well on our way to getting through one hundred rounds easily. Such a satisfying feeling knowing a rifle I put together works and that my skills with long-range shooting are and will keep steadily improving.

The CZ Scorpion was definitely a nice surprise when we moved over to the pistol lanes. It's not huge compared to the rifle but it's a lot bigger than a normal pistol/handgun. I was expecting some kind of recoil or kick but there was none there. It's a little awkward at first though because there's no stock (right now at least). It felt a bit strange trying to figure out the best way to hold it. I'm so used to the butt of a stock being against my shoulder to absorb recoil that I must admit I was anxious in anticipating how the Scorpion would shoot. A lot of fun to shoot though!

Overall I'd say we did Independence Day well this year. No fireworks, but I got to shoot my MK12 and the CZ! Sounds like a win to me! What did you do to celebrate America's Independence?


Published by N Lezama