You want them to do better by you. You want them to give you the world but his not doing so. You keep asking. Asking for him to be better. Asking for him to treat you the way you need to be treated. Asking for respect. Asking for esteem for him to build you up. For him to do the things it took to get you in the first place but he stopped. 

He stopped caring about you. He started hurting you. He told you, he will never hurt you. Remember that? He told you he will always be there for you but he wasn’t.

Where was he at when you needed him?

Sometimes people start to learn what you accept and what you don’t accept. And they continue to do things and push the limits of what you allow them to do. 

You are control of you. You are not control of him. You can control what people do to you and what they can do to you. But maybe his never learning because you’re never leaving.

Maybe he keeps doing the same thing he always does cause you never leave. Maybe he keeps texting her because he knows you gonna stay. Maybe he keeps hurting you because he knows you gonna stay.You need to change the way you handle yourself. What you accept and what you demand for yourself worth…then maybe he will.

It’s a dangerous thing when someone figures out you ain’t got the power to leave them.

Grab that power back. Let them know that you will only accept this much and then you gotta go. Let them know that you love you a lot more than they think. So if they won’t change, stop asking for it, start demanding and if nothing changes, then leave!

Source: “Ace Metaphor” (Follow him on Facebook and Instagram). Powerful relationship talks. He does his talks on Facebook Live. So you can chat with other people as you listen. This one spoke directly to my heart. So, I had to share. 



Published by Doreen Eshinali