After a what can only be described as a rather challenging Saturday, I decided not to go to bed with a heavy heart but to simply reenergise my positive thoughts and clear my mind for the new day.

What I didn't realise was just how powerful that process was going to be. 

So on going to bed, I had a tenant doing a bunk on the house I rent out, owing me rent and the keys to the house, more than one booked stall holder cancel for the event today and a very tired and stroppy little girl turning bedtime into it's usual drama, I was pretty pooped.

Once my daughter was finally asleep in bed, I laid for a long time just focusing on my breathing and clearing my mind.  I decided today was going to be a great day and the events of Saturday were not going to dim my shine. 

When I woke up, you can imagine my excitement when the first message I saw on my phone was from a lovely organisation I had worked with in my job previously emailing me to say they would like to work with me in my new venture!!

If I hadn't been lying down you could've knocked me down with a feather!

Wow, how powerful are your thoughts?!

Not only that, my daughter woke up happy and incredibly corporately, making sure I was on time to set up the event at our local park.  To top it all off the sun was shining!!

If that can happen after a difficult day, what on earth will tomorrow have in store for me - can't wait to find out...


Published by Anthea Thomas